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Things You Need Know to About International Power Adapters

Packing a power Adaptor is essential as you might not get the right power socket outlet to charge your device in other countries. Because different countries have different power plug type and socket, plug standards, etc. and if you don’t have the right adapter, or want to buy a new adapter or a power socket outlet [adapter ปลั๊กไฟ, which are the term in Thai] when traveling internationally, then here are a few things you need to know about the plug standards across the countries. The variations in standard around the world differ from the following key points:-

  1. Outlet and plug Shape.
  2. Voltage.
  3. Current.
  4. Frequency.

– Outlet and plug shape

There are about 15 outlets and plug shape around the world that start from alphabetical order A, B, C, D, and so on. Most travelers settle for Universal adaptors. However, they do not always support all the standard power plug sockets in the world. Therefore, you should always check whether the power supply plug before buying one.

– Voltage

Voltage is the force through the electricity travels; there are several standards of voltage that range from 110v to 220 or 230v. The U.S. has a 110/120v power outlet, whereas most of the European currents have 220v. Check whether your device can handle the voltage or not, if not then, you will need a voltage converter.

– Current

The AC and DC current are the two main standards of the current in the word. Not all the countries use AC current and not all devices support AC. For example: – Batteries use DC current.


– Frequency


Frequency does not affect the performance of the device until they use timers. Frequency is the number of times AC current alters every second. In U. S there is a standard of 60 Hertz.


– Converter or Adapter


If you are planning to travel to the places where there is a different voltage, then you will need a voltage converter. There are two types of voltage converter step-up and step-down voltage converter.

– If you will need a step-up converter when traveling to a place that has a lower voltage like the US.

– If you will need a step-down converter when traveling to a place that has a higher voltage like European Countries. You do not need a voltage converter for laptops.