The Main Benefits of IP Telephony

Have you ever heard of IP telephony or phones? Well, I am sure that most of you haven’t. IP phones or Internet Protocol telephony is the technology that makes use of the IP protocol in order to exchange fax, voice and other forms of information. All the information is transformed over the PSTN which stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. Calls made by IP phones travel over a LAN network or even by the internet, bypassing traditional PSTN charges. There are several companies that manufacture IP hones among which Yealink is one of the known ones. If you want to get an IP phone for your work then you can get it from the Yealink phone supplier in UAE.

What are the advantages of using IP phones?

IP phones are known to have several advantages over the traditional legacy/analog systems. Here are the main advantages of IP phones:

  1. IP phones are known to offer you a wide range of features that you won’t find in the traditional system. Other than that it is also less expensive.

  1. IP phones are very easy to install and configure in comparison to the proprietary phone systems. Also, they don’t restrict your company to only a certain number of users or phones.

  1. IP telecom systems are also known to cut down on the total cost of telecom every month. This is due to the fact that VoIP services are cheaper than traditional telecom services.

  1. With the help of IP phones, you can also make conference calling between remote locations and offices. Not only that but when voice and data communications are put together inside a single reliable platform it tends to increase the efficiency of your communication systems.

  1. You can also make video telephones; integrate to CRM, video conference and so much more with the help of integration IP phones with PC systems.

  1. IP telephones can also be used as terminals for other systems which would otherwise require their own systems.

  1. IP phones also promote increased flexibility and mobility as you don’t have to rely on wires and connected to sources of electricity. With the help of IP phones, you can completely eliminate the need for

These are only some of the advantages of IPH phones otherwise there are more to the list. IP phones are any day better than the traditional telecom when you have a company to run.