The 5 Facts You Should Know About automation

Since the beginning of time, humans have been looking for ways to improve their lives. This quest for simplifying life has resulted in the invention and innovation of everything that we have today.

From the invention of the first automobile in 1885 to the invention of the first telephone in 1875 or the invention of electricity in 1879, life has been dramatically simplified for our well-being.

There has, however, been a significant change in industries over the past century. This is greatly attributed to the automation of processes in the industries.

Automation is the incorporation of robotics in industrial processes to simplify and hasten the production process. This involves the use of robots and recently, Cobots.

But what really is this automation? Is it really necessary in business and industries?

Below are the five facts you need to know about automation.

1.    It will take your jobs!

Well, there has been a massive uproar by many people who believe that automation will result in unemployment. Some people even believe that robots will one day rise to take over the world!

However, despite some of these arguments being true, robots will indeed take over some jobs, but in return, they will create new and better job opportunities. This means that robots will not cause job losses but rather job displacement.

By displacement, I mean that robots will take over some of the tedious, repetitive tasks in industries and businesses and force the workers to acquire better skills for them to fit in the market place.

There will be a need for people who will maintain the robots, people who will program the robots and other essential skills will be required to fit in the jobs created.

2.    It will transform the workplace

By creating new jobs and new ways of doing things, automation will change the communication channels, service delivery, processing capabilities and marketing strategies.

Advanced mathematical computations will be done much quicker by robots. Moreover, robots and Cobots can perform critical processes more accurately than human workers.

Automation will also mean faster and more accurate processes. The workplace will require workers who are quick in thinking and working and also people who can easily adapt to new ideas and changes.

It will also result in a more competitive work environment as more and more industries are investing in automating their processes. Some industries will even need to work in shifts both day and night to meet the market requirements and to maintain the robots which operate 24 hours each day.

3.    You have to automate to survive

We are living in an era where companies are no longer targeting local markets but also international ones. This means that the demand for quality goods is high, and the marketplace has expanded.

Therefore, if you are to compete at the same level as the big companies, you will need robots. You may have human workers, but still, they are prone to making errors, some of which will cost you greatly.

For industries and factories,manufacturing automationwill be useful for working in dangerous zones and even operating heavy machinery. This will create a worker-friendly environment and improve your efficiency in production.

Automating your business will also ensure that you can meet market and client deadlines even in the high season and thus create a loyal customer base.

4.    It is not expensive.

For a long time, there has been a misbelief that robots and automation processes are expensive. This is a big lie since, over the years, the price of robots has significantly spiralled down.

This attributed to the development of new technology such as Artificial Intelligence which has created many more modern machines. Besides, automation has a very high return on investment, and thus, you will be reaping your benefits in a short while.


Automation is one factor that promises to transform how we manufacture and market our products. Despite having some disadvantages like taking away some jobs, it is a field that has infinite potential in changing the world.

Therefore, with the future of automation seeming bright, if you want to simplify your life, now is the best time for you to invest in automation.