Ten Amazing Benefits You Can Enjoy by Using Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Businesses have come a long way regarding online marketing. Businesses have to work round the clock to keep up with the current marketing strategies lest they get left behind. The only way you can stay relevant and competitive in the market today is to do what everyone else is doing, and work to be better at it if you can. When it comes to online business marketing, using videos rank as the best strategy you can use. The best Los Angeles Post Production Companies will work to ensure your marketing message reaches as many people as possible.

It is not just a matter of posting a video that markets your business. It goes way beyond that. Using videos as your business’ marketing strategy can benefit your business and its products or services a great deal.

With the internet speeds continuously getting better and faster as the years go by, using videos to market businesses is getting more popular. And with good reason as everyone has a smartphone these days. There are numerous Los Angeles Post Production Companies that you can use to shoot and have the best video marketing provisions that will see your business sales skyrocket.

Check out these amazing benefits that using videos to market your business comes with.

  • Improved ROI

Businesses that use videos in their marketing strategy options have reported significantly improved ROI rates which is what every business is always rooting for. Video marketing production may not be the easiest or cheapest option available. However, it is no secret that it is the one that pays off big time. Not to mention the fact that online video editing tools are continuously improving. With this, they are becoming more affordable. You only need to have a good video that explains what your business is all about, its products or services, and you are okay to go.

  • Reduced bounce rate

Having a good, relevant, and valuable video to market your business will also ensure you keep consumers who visit your web page around for longer. This is exactly what all marketing businesses want. And in most instances, it works magic especially if the consumers watch your videos through to the end. This is also the best way to note which of your consumers are more interested and more likely to engage with your business’ products or services.

  • Video appeals to mobile users

Experienced business marketers know that video and mobile to together in all ways. Studies reveal that over 90% of consumers watch videos through their mobile phones. People love to watch videos on the go. And if you have the best video content that is relevant and targets what your business is selling, then you will definitely engage your consumers and have them lurking around for longer.

Also, the number of smartphone users is constantly growing, and with that, your video audiences. This gives your business more opportunity to keep growing and reach more people using your video marketing strategies.

  • Video marketing explains everything

What makes using videos for marketing great is that you can put a huge amount of content in one show. This is especially great if you have a new business that you plan to market. You can use a short video to explain to your target audience everything about your business. About 98% of consumers watch explainer videos to learn and know everything about business products or services. This is the reason why most businesses use video marketing ideas to explain to their audiences how their businesses work. And, in most cases, these businesses include their explainer videos in their business home pages, and they have proved to be very effective. Many Los Angeles Post Production Companies work hard to explain some of the difficult concepts in videos which make it a lot easier for the consumers to understand.

  • Videos encourage social shares

In this current era, social media is EVERYTHING when it comes to business marketing. There is no way you can say you are successful in your business marketing strategies without using social media. When you go through the many social media sites, you also find that over 60% of all the marketing strategies are video contents. And this percentage keeps rising as marketing businesses keep realizing that video marketing strategies are even more effective when used in social media.

Most social media networks also work to encourage businesses to use video contents as their marketing strategies with the new features they include in their sites. Facebook, for example, has launched over 3,600 videos, live videos and live videos for the many businesses that aim to reach their consumers using the sites. Social media is all about sharing emotions and feelings. And a good video marketing strategist must acknowledge this and use it to the advantage of the business. It is also critical to note that emotions are not ROI. However, social shares can significantly increase traffic to your site.

  • Videos engage even the laziest consumers

Creating a good video that markets your business’ products or services is also one sure way of engaging even the laziest consumers. This is especially true if you have a short but capitative video that keeps your audience intrigued and glued to your products or services. And Los Angeles Post Production Companies provide the best video marketing services to make this possible.

  • Google loves videos

A good video also ensures that the time your consumers spend on your business’ site is higher. And longer exposure on your business’ website helps build trust between your business and consumers. And this also, in turn, signals various search engines that your website has good content. This helps to rank your business’ website higher in the search engines which is a bonus.

  • Videos help build trust

As mentioned earlier, a good video marketing content helps to build trust between your business and your target consumers. And this is what all marketing businesses look for as it ensures the foundation of sales and conversions. As a business, your goal is to build trust and try to create long-term business relationships with your clients. A good video marketing strategy ensures that this is possible.

  • Consumers prefer videos to reading

Think about this for a second. Why bother reading through a long story when you can easily watch a video in less time? It is also evident from a lot of studies that many potential buyers do not prefer talking to salespeople. Here is where using videos as your business’ marketing strategy influences your sales even in the later stages.

  • Videos boost business conversion sales

Adding a good product video on your homepage can significantly raise your conversion rates by up to 80%. Provided you have the best video products available and deploy it in the best manner; you should be good to go. A good video will also lead to a direct increase in sales.

Final thoughts

The ever-changing world has made video marketing strategies as the best marketing tool. As of now, using videos as a marketing tool is proving to be quite effective and is changing how marketers and businesses view their marketing strategies.