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Some Information about 3-Dimensional Laser Engraving Technology


This is the kind of technology that can produce 3-dimensional engraving of patterns, logos, portraits and designs etc. on any substrate material. 

With the help of 3-dimensional laser engraving machines, it is possible to differentiate between darker and lighter areas of substrate material. Various dark patches of material will receive maximum power. 

The lighter patches on the contrary will be skipped by machine altogether. The shades which are not in dark or light patches however, will receive different power levels to create amazing 3-dimensional pattern. 

Besides that, regions which may contain slopes and depths will be given so with adjustment of laser beam depth. In order to learn engraving market trend, click here.

How 3-dimensional Laser Engraving Machine works

In terms of input, 3-dimensionl laser engraving is little different. Usually it is quite a lengthy as well as demanding process. However, once you have fed your input into the machine, immediately it will start working wonderfully.

Basically, all kinds of patterns, designs, photos and logos are created on 3-dimensional modelling software, which will come either built-in along with your machine or it can be a 3rd party purchase.

What will make it so special?

Let us see few benefits of this technology in the following:

  1. Wider scope

With the help of 3D engraving technology, you will be able to engrave on any complex shapes without worrying about the uniformity or dimensions of the surface where you are going to mark. 

  1. Better engraving effect

Usually 3-dimensional laser engraving machines have a larger lens that can range between 500×500 to 600×600. With such technology, it ensures that engraving job will be done with higher precision and great finishing.

  1. For deep engraving best match

With the help of 3D engraving, you will not face many challenges and therefore for deep engraving it will be an ideal choice in order to do engraving in depths.

  1. Completely a new customization experience

With 3D designs the customization level is quite broad and can offer everyone a choice of creating their own design. 

  1. Quality Marking

You can get very high quality of output from 3-dimensional laser engraving machines. It will never tamper the substrate or leave any marks behind. You will get crystal clear finish.