Six Important Digital Marketing Tools a Business Must Have

Digital marketing is important to enhance a business, contribute to business sales and profitability. The web marketers associated with different digital marketing agencies work for the clients and they use effective SEO strategies and techniques to make a business successful. There are available digital marketing tools that most SEO agencies rely upon. The tools and techniques help to increase online traffic, enhance the ranking of different online resources of a business.

There are available different types of digital marketing tools. The 2018 digital marketing tools are discussed as follows:-

The 6 important digital marketing tools are given as follows:-


Though it’s a new tool yet it’s becoming a popular one. The keyword research and the grouping features of the tool are worth mentioning. The software has a rank tracking feature.

Netpeak Spider

The software has a number of features. It provides a smooth experience to the users. It has the capacity to detect more than 60 SEO errors. The software has 5 crawling modes. The crawling modes allow the user to perform a set of SEO tasks. It can calculate a site’s internal page rank.

Buffer for video

The tool is an old and a popular SEO marketing tool. It has a number of features. It allows video scheduling to the different big social media networks.


The software is not just a chatting or collaborating tool. It is regarded as the most diverse digital marketing tool. The software tool can add bots like Statsbot and Notify.


The system is popular among users as it helps them to create sales funnel. The tool is useful in doing different types of digital marketing campaigns including email campaigns.


It is a fantastic heat map application. The user can use the tool to do a host of activities like tracking social media campaigns and seeing referral information.

Each of the tools is unique in its own way. Many of the tools have more than one feature and are ideal for digital marketing. For additional information on the digital marketing tools, visit relevant websites, online.