Scan your websites online

Malicious software is hard to detect sometimes. Especially in the cases of websites, malware is a very serious problem. If the creator of malware can access your data, it can harm you in many certain ways that you could never imagine. Malware can take form of scripts and executable codes. Software like anti viruses and firewalls are generally used for protection. For websites, you can go for scanning it online regularly. You probably know that there are numbers of hackers looking in for chance to get into your system. You should not take any risk with your hard owned business.

Malware can be of various files that copy it selves into different folders of your system. A single malware can be identified easily but many are way more difficult. There are many websites that offer virus scanning but the best one is You just need to provide them with ftp login information with http encrypted connection and leave the rest on them, you never get a chance to point out any fault in their work. They also provide with word process support and maintenance service in which they will maintain your WordPress website. They will also make regular back up and will update your word process time to time. It can free up your time too. You can also check:

  • SiteGuarding: It is not bad and provides good protections but it does not provide automatic scanners as the provides hence it is better as you get take less tension.
  • ESET: It is also a good malware scanning website but it doesn’t provide WordPress malware removal. Sometimes, malware can contain a huge number of files and it becomes very hard to detect. Recover wp provides WordPress malware detection service that can completely remove all the files.