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Ruby on Rails vs Node.JS: Which one to choose for web development?

Web development is at an all-time high these days and Ruby on Rails (RoR) and Node.JS are two of the most popular technologies for web development. Both languages have strong suits and a few flaws each, but which one of the two is more suited for your project requirements?
While RoR is still used in a large number of projects, the demand for Node.js Development Services is rising steadily and quickly

Here are a few pros and cons of both technologies:

Ruby on Rails


  • Easy Functions and Manipulations
  • Powerful and Intuitive Language. It is relatively simple to express application logic.
  • Consistent Structure and Methodology
  • Database Migration. It is easily portable to other platforms
  • Flexible and IDE Friendly
  • Fast Speed of Development
  • Mature Language with a large community
  • Lots of Ruby Gems available


  • Performance isn’t up to the mark anymore
  • Overtly simple
  • Lack of documentation for many Gems
  • Trickier to make and maintain Large Projects
  • Resource Hungry as compared to Node.JS

The above points make the case that RoR is still a powerful and popular technology for web development, especially if you want to quickly get a product into market. Many Large enterprises and Fortune500 still use RoR for their websites and web applications.



  • Extremely High Performance
  • Very scalable and therefore quite useful for large-scale projects
  • JavaScript Frontend and Backend
  • A lot of Modules available
  • NPM to manage modules
  • Easy to monitor, deploy and support


  • Not suitable for processor intensive tasks
  • Unstable API. Node.JS API gets frequent updates that more often than not break compatibility with previous versions.
  • Newer technology hence not enough support for it yet. Although this is changing.
  • Easier to write bad code and make mistakes in Node.JS

There you have it. Both Technologies have their pros and cons and are generally capable of building fantastic applications and web pages. While RoR is suited to smaller projects that need to be made very quickly, you should consider Node.JS Development Company India for your large scale project.