Reasons to Invest in Speed Bumps

Owning a parking lot or parking garage can be a very good investment or a great way to provide a convenience and service to tenants of an adjacent commercial property. While parking garages and lots can be a great investment, they do require all owners to take necessary steps to make them as safe as possible.  For many parking lot owners and operators, one of the best ways to do this would be by investing in speed bumps and parking stops.  


Control Speed of Cars

One of the main reasons why you should invest in speed bumps in your parking lot is because it will help to control the speed of all vehicles that are in the lot. More than likely, you will already have some signage up that indicates a minimum speed for vehicles to drive at. Unfortunately, it is very common for vehicles to drive much faster than the maximum recommended speed. A more effective way to control the speed would be to place speed bumps throughout the parking lot. Each individual speed bump will require the driver of a car to reduce their speed to avoid hitting the bumps and causing potential damage.


Prevent Parking Accidents

Another way that speed bumps could benefit your parking lot is by reducing the likelihood of parking accidents from occurring. When you are in a parking lot and pull into a parking space, there is often nothing to prevent you from going too far into the space and potentially hitting the car across from you. When you install speed bumps and parking stops, you will be able to establish a safe barrier at the end of each parking spot. This will prevent a driver from pulling too far through and can help to reduce the prevalence of these minor accidents from occurring.


Reduced Liablity

The third reason why you should consider putting speed bumps and parking stops into your parking lot or garage is because it can reduce your overall liability. If you own a parking lot, you are taking on some level of responsibility. Even if you are not at all involved in an accident, if there are no speed bumps or stops established, you could be found negligent. When you have the necessary amount of speed bumps and parking stops put into the lot, you will be showing that you have taken all steps possible to make the parking lot as safe as possible. Because of this, it could also result in lower liability Insurance costs for you.