Plasma lighters: how practical are they Are

Many people comment about how practical can a plasma lighter be. These devices are also called electric lighters, tesla lighters and, arc lighters just in case you have read some of these other names before. They work with electricity, and they produce an arc of energy that goes from one electrode to the other. Some models have just one pair of electrodes, and therefore there is only one arc going from one side to the other. There are also double models which have two pairs of electrodes, and there is a double arc that crosses in the form of an X.

Size and weight

Plasma lighters are not very heavy despite having a battery and electric circuit. They weight an average of 100 gr. And they are small enough to fit your closed hand. Some models can be larger, they have specific uses for outdoor activities, and there are also survival electric lighters that may include other features.


This is one of the star features for plasma lighters. They have a longer lifespan due to its rechargeable nature. On the lower section of the lighter, there is a USB port that will fit any small universal USB cable and allow it to recharge its battery in about two hours. Being rechargeable is the most popular feature since many fuel lighters are one-use-only. They have to be thrown away after it is empty. Fuel lighters can be refillable as well; these models are usually more expensive.


Electric lighters are naturally windproof. They are not disturbed by any kind of wind current, soft or strong. This feature allows you to light a cigarette in the middle of the windiest afternoon without a problem and without covering the “flame” with your hands. Some models are also waterproof, and they can work after being wet with some drops of water.

Accessories are always available

Nowadays online stores are ready to offer almost every service and product to us just from one click. Electric lighters are not the exception. You can visit and check all the models, colors, accessories and bundles they have for you.

Some disadvantages

The factor that some people have pointed out as a disadvantage is about the position. Electric lighters can be held upside down, and they still work. However, this doesn’t mean the electric arc is going to be in touch with the flammable material. Whatever you want to burn has to touch the electric arcs, to be in the middle of the electrodes.

Some small places are going to be hard to reach since the lighter’s case might be too big to fit in. In these cases, you would have to light something else first that allows you to reach that small place you are aiming for.

To solve this situation, there are also lighters with longer and thinner designs that can reach more places.

What can you light with electric lighters?

Anything flammable that gets in touch with the single or double arc will be burned. Some materials react differently when extreme heat is applied to them, but they all show the consequences of these energy arcs. Paper happens to be the perfect flammable material. It burns quickly and shows a nice flame after being touched with a tesla lighter.

Protective case

Electric lighters work with a button. You have to press that button to allow electricity flow and create the arc of power. Most of these lighters are designed so that nothing happens if you press the button and the lid of the lighter is closed. This feature prevents the battery from losing its charge when the lighter is in a stretch pocket or purse. Accidentally pressing the button will not cause any harm thanks to this safety feature. Your bag and pants are safe now from catching fire by accident.

Care and maintenance

Electrodes have to be clean to work properly. This is the most critical piece of advice for electric lighters. Depending on the models you bought they can be very sturdy and easy to maintain. Clean it with a soft cloth and regarding recharging it, try not to leave for more than two hours and it will be fine.