Making The Most of The New Google Maps SEO

It is no secret that SEO is headed towards a more personalized and user-driven direction, reason why most of the latest SEO tools all seem to work with one aim in goal; creating the best user experience. In the light of such, Google maps SEO seek to take advantage of local online traffic in the most affordable way by putting your online business at the top of search results when potential consumers search for your services. According to a recent market research, 90% of sales occur close to home, this means that if well utilized Google maps do not only help you improve your site’s search results but it also allows your visitors to leave images and reviews about the services provided. Provided in the read below is a list of benefits that Google maps SEO stand to offer your business.

  1. Cost effective
  2. Improved business reputation both online and offline
  3. Improved or rather better search engine results
  4. Increased customer satisfaction
  5. Allows for the verification of business details
  6. Makes all the information about your business accurate, updated and easily available
  7. Mobile friendly allowing prospective consumers to contract details about your business fast and easy
  8. Can be used to keep track of your consumers behavior patterns so as to better serve them
  9. Providing images of your business works to increase the level of trust among your customers
  10. Encourages more customers to review your business thus marketing your services to other potential customers

These are just but a few of the multiple benefits that your business stands from using Google maps SEO.

On other news though, a new version of Google maps is set to be released. And even though the new version is not out yet, its preview leaves much to be desired. For one, the new Google map is way more interactive not to mention full screen. Plus, the more interactive you get with this tool the better it gets. This coupled by the fact that the new Google maps incorporates a Google earth view along with a carousel which makes it possible to view all business photos as well as images from street views makes it easy to understand the anticipation for the new Google Maps.

However, what will probably have the biggest impact on your local business is Google’s addition of social search in to its new Google maps SEO. That is, Google plans to use your Google+ friends’ recommendations and reviews to weigh up what shows up on your local business maps.

So how do you ensure your local SEO strategy is compatible with the new Google maps?

Simply put, Google maps SEO will include search history, individual user data and Google+ social data to determine the local search results. And with all this extra improvements, it will get harder for you to stick to the traditional SEO techniques. And although you still can and should optimize your offsite and onsite web presence, the changes Google is making are bound to eliminate sites that have un-aligning web and reality personas. This means, that in the near future, it won’t be enough to throw a landing page claiming you are the best plumber in town, your customer reviews will have to reflect the same. The new Google maps SEO is set to make work easier for you, ensure that it works for you and not the other way round.