Make Your Downloading Easier And Effective With Imgsrc Option

Sometimes downloading images can be tricky but with the help of extreme image downloader it can become easy and efficient. There are many other websites also through which you can download images, but with this software you can download plenty of images at the same time as it has the feature of downloading 30 images simultaneously. On the other hand downloading of full size image can also be difficult but with this you can download imgsrc images in one go.

Steps to download imgsrc albums

You can follow some step to download imgsrc albums which are quite easy and is like ready steady go.

  • First step is to download the extreme picture downloader software. But make sure that you will install the updated version.   
  • Then install the projects and templates.
  • After this open the downloaded file to install new templates and there you will see the window after the template installation will be completed.
  • After this you can download the image, just enter the URL and start your searching.
  • After entering the URL click on the finish button, then it will open a build browser window where you can see the album.

The main benefit of downloading from this software is that it is password protected which means no one will be able to see your downloaded images. Even you are allowed to download some private images. You can also change the pass code and set any according to your memory because if once it will be entered wrong then you will face lot of problems.

Common used passwords

For making your album password protected, you can open your album in default browser, then enter the password and use URL. Some of the common used passwords are:

  • ZEZ which means 543212345
  • ZE which means 54321
  • EZE which means 123454321
  • EZZE which means 1234554321
  • EZ which means my album and password 12345

Downloading Format

You can download the file whether in .EXE format or in .ZIP format they are available in both types. All you have to do is just click the download button and click on install, after this run the file and download 30m images in a go.