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iOS & Android Charts: The Essentials

iOS and Android charts can be used to display data, allowing users to understand the information much more easily than they would if they are looking at tables. Charts allow people to easily see patterns in the data, so they don’t need to read through an entire table to get the information they need. Fitness and business apps often use charts.

These charts can have lines and areas to display multiple trends, rapidly changing data or data series. You can also use pie charts with engaging touch interaction such as fluid animations and spinning pie charts. Bars and columns can be used to conduct comparisons or understand large data sets. OHLC, candlestick and band can help you display complex and demanding medical, scientific and financial data. Annotations can be used to mark data ranges and events. These annotations stay anchored to their locations as people interact with charts.

Animations and selection can also be used. Users can explore data using a touch-enabled crosshair. You can use a built-in crosshair or make your own. Render breaks and gaps in your data can be made using Discontinuous Line Series. This applies to iOS charts only. Android charts and iOS charts can also contain a legend or iOS chart exemples. It provides flexible options for styling and positioning. Multiple axes can be used to display different variables and complicated relationships within the same chart.

Android and iOS charts can help reduce development costs due to the features that you can use anytime. These charts are ideal for real time apps or big data. With a flexible API and virtually unlimited customization options, these charts can help you create unique apps without breaking the bank. These charts can be used to make financial and scientific apps.

If you are looking for iOS and Android charts, you should visit You can get access to SciChart’s library of Swift and Objective-C samples and excellent customer support. SciChart’s iOS and Android charts can be seamlessly integrated in your project, so you will have it up and running in no time at all. It is designed with trading, scientific and medical apps in mind. You can save a lot of time, especially if you need to build a rich iOS charting app immediately. The charts from SciChart are easy to implement and packed with useful features. SciChart provides examples on GitHub, tutorials and Quick Start Guides, so it is easy to get started.