Introducing UbiatarPlay, the Marketplace for the Ubiatar Telepresence

This is the Ubiatar service that will deliver the power of Ubiquity with the modern mobile technologies, over a platform that is high powered. The starting point is at the UbiataPlay marketplace using an app that is on Google play or Apple store and you will be able to interact with others all around the world.


If you are the person at home or Usar then you will meet the Avatars at the UbiatarPlay marketplace, and find customers all around the world

How it works

How does this work, you will meet the Avatars who are local people with a smart phone and everything the Avatar sees or hears is sent by the network to the Usar. The Usar is in control of the Avatar through the innovative GUI that is overlaidon the live video stream.


The Avatars have access to their world and simple hardware like the smartphone and when holding it stabilizes this system created by Ubiatar labs. The Avatar is a person offering his/her physical existence for hire. The Usar from office or home pays to be in control of an Avatar and can direct him/her where the Usar wants, to do all kinds of things – if the Avatar approval has been given.

See and hear

The Usar can see and hear everything from the Avatar so that it is almost like physically being there. This is telepresence at its finest – the ability to be anywhere your Avatar is. It could be 3000 miles away but in an instance, you are there.

Exchange of value

To support this value of exchange will be the Ubiatar token which you will be able to get at a launching of this ICO. These Ubiatar tokens will be used all over the world, irrespective of the limits locally, or the accessible of bank accounts to poor people, to women or to other social groups that are discriminated against. Inside every Ubiatar app there will be the Ubiatar wallet that allows anyone to store cryptos; not just Ubiatar tokens but all types of ERC20 tokens, Ethereum and all the others that will be added in the future. You will be able to move wallet tokens to and from other third-party wallets, to exchange or to spend using the Ubiatar debit card which can be used wherever a VISA card is accepted.

Be excited about UbiataPlay- its new and different!