How to Test Your Internet Speed in Kenya

The Internet plays a very important role in connecting with people. Now the entire world is relying on the concept of connectivity. There was a time when you need to have a decent internet connection to enjoy a smooth and pleasant work experience. However, one cannot do any work without having a proper internet connection. As a business owner, you cannot afford to have slow speeds of internet connectivity. It would certainly hurt productivity at the end of the day. Now you might think that the speed of internet connectivity is not what it should exactly. Then, you must go to the internet speed test. You can easily find several websites present and available to verify the speed of the connectivity. Zuku speed test is reliable among them, which produces good speed tests.

Certain areas are drastically affected due to the slow speed of the internet connection. This includes,


The internet speed determines how quickly one can download the visual and audio files. It is very important to all internet users. Generally, every user making use of the Internet does download and hence requires fast connectivity.


Quite similar to downloading, every user does upload the file which can be visual, audio, videos, and photos. It is entirely upon the internet speed, which determines how swift the entire procedure is going to be.


Low internet speeds create issues with streaming of the audio files and videos, which creates annoying buffering issues. A high-speed internet ensures that the videos would not stop in the halfway and therefore forced to restart the entire thread again.


It is the dream of almost every internet user to browse and enjoy fast page loads and experience no screen freezes. A good internet speed gives prompt responses regardless of the number of tabs or windows.

Telephone Access

One can easily make calls without any separate phone line connection. However, one must make sure to have higher speed connectivity to enjoy the smooth calls.

Nothing can be more frustrating than the page loadings which take forever to just finish. The advantage of a high internet speed cannot be ignored either from an individual level or the business level. Therefore, it is important to make sure that one enjoys an uninterrupted internet speed to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. So, make use of the Zuku speed test to easily check the interest connectivity level.