Franchise – Rapid growth in concession sales

The number of franchise concepts competing on the market has been increasing for years. Above all, innovative franchise concepts in the areas of “conscious nutrition” and “modern ambience” stand out. The rapid growth of the market is also causing competition to rise, and the constant modernization and further development of the franchise concept is correspondingly important.

Controlling in the franchise through cash register systems

From the end customer’s point of view, in addition to the idea, the uniform appearance and the implementation of the store design are of great importance for the franchise concept. In the background and controlling, the support of the franchisor in organizational and operational processes is at least as important. One of the building blocks here is the selection of the right cash register system so that rapid growth in concession sales is positively supported. A sensibly configured cash register system ensures a smooth sales process and generates absolute transparency for both parties.

Franchise POS systems – which IT components are important here?

  • Cash register hardware design tailored to the CI
  • The cash register system should run on all known surfaces (PCs, tablets, mobile phones)
  • Software is a standardized cash register system, but it is “state of the art” thanks to quarterly releases
  • Can be connected to any ERP system at any time.
    This is where the SAP Customer Checkout shows its absolute strength through the modern, agile software development approach. SAP partners can use plugins to control the extension points and thus adapt the franchisor’s desired processes.
  • Central view of all sales data paired with real-time reporting for franchise partners and consolidated reports at every level (also for franchisees with multiple stores).

Standardized franchise POS systems in retail

The combination with an existing online shop often comes into play here. In retail, the focus is increasingly on the customer, so that the customer’s buying behavior should also be analyzed during the “sales process”, for example in combination with loyalty points. Thanks to the standardized checkout system, the cashier can increase the recognition rate with simple on-board tools.

Rapid growth through centralized checkout control

Central control and the correct transfer of prices across all locations is one of the most important foundations for rapid growth. If you have gained insights into your franchise system that result in a price adjustment, this should be easy to roll out from the head office. In practice it has been shown that cash register providers still have problems with transmitting the correct prices for an offer period or with successfully creating product combinations company wide.

In order to implement this central checkout control in a meaningful way, the articles should be independent of the quick selection buttons. This ensures that the articles are distributed and evaluated centrally, but that various actions, for example with sales sets, can also be carried out locally. A simple operation should lead to a higher sales frequency.

  • Connection of your native app to the cash register system
  • Couponing – General discount coupons
  • Central management of vouchers
  • Intercompany billing of redeemed vouchers within the franchise system
  • Digital customer account and purchase file

Example scenario on the standardized cash register system

You can enter new customers directly on the cash register system and, for example, have the customer enter their data directly on a second customer screen. You can identify existing customers at the cash register system by showing their customer ID in the shop and having them scanned. When making a purchase, discounts are automatically calculated for customers and / or points are credited to the customer account.