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How to Get RTK GPS

 Even if you don’t work in any sort of construction or surveying industry, you have likely witnessed people out on a field with those tripod devices, looking through them much like a telescope. Well, these are land surveyors, and surveying comes in handy for everything from large-scale infrastructure to things like stadiums, buildings and parking lots. Over the course of human history, surveying equipment has certainly evolved. Today’s equipment is definitely some sophisticated stuff that can link up with satellites and give people a real-time reading. This is referred to as RTK survey equipment, and there are many people out there looking for a place where they can get the best stuff.

 The Internet is often a double-edged sword. Sure, you can find the sorts of products that you want, which means you’re cutting right through the process and finding a direct line to the equipment that you’ve had your eye on. Though that other edge can cut you, as what you’re finding might not be the best, and it might not work well for you at all. If you’re going to invest in this RTK equipment, then you should only invest with the best. Here are a few ways to tell you that you’re choosing the right company.

How to Tell if You’re Shopping with the Right Surveying Company

1: Do They Offer the Latest in Surveying Tech?

 The first thing to look out for here is if the company in question is offering the actual latest tech to you. Do they have legitimate RTK survey equipment, or do they just name it that in hopes of selling it? A lot of companies will take models that are a decade old or even older and label them differently, when in fact, they don’t do what the latest pieces of equipment can do. So, it’s up to you to take a few minutes to see if they’re selling the real stuff that’s updated and high-tech.

2: Do They Offer Less Expensive Options?

 How about cost options? These pieces of equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The high-end stuff is definitely a pretty big investment. A lot of people out there need the latest in RTK equipment, but they don’t have the budget to allow them to purchase these items brand new. This is why the best companies out there selling this equipment will also offer used or refurbished equipment. This is the same stuff that has been tested and proven to work perfectly; only it’s available for a whole lot less than a brand new piece of equipment.

3: Do They Offer Rentals?

 There are also a lot of companies who’ve taken on a big job that requires accurate surveying, but they aren’t surveyors by trade. This means that they’re going to need some updated equipment, but also that there’s no reason to make that large of an investment for something that they’re not going to use frequently. This is when rental equipment can really pay off in a big way. The best vendors out there are offering rental options for the latest equipment.

4: Do They Have Good Technical Support?

 Most of this new tech is pretty complicated to initially get set up. You have to calibrate the device, remotely link up with a satellite network, and much more. Even if you’re used to dealing with equipment, the newest stuff out there can be foreign to you. So, look for a company whose technical support is always available to walk you through the initial steps.

5: Do They Offer Repairs?

 What happens if your equipment breaks down? A lot of companies turn their backs on you and make you take it up with the actual manufacturer of the equipment. They sell you the product, then that’s it on their end. Quality vendors, however, are always there to offer you repairs when you need them. They understand that things may break down, and so they’re willing to help you repair them.

 The above list is full of questions you should ask before purchasing a piece of equipment from any vendor. Make sure that the company fulfills these criteria. Only then can you be sure that you’re purchasing quality equipment from the right location.