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How to Download Cydia Extender on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Cydia Extender is a brilliant tool for everyone who owns an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or any other Apple device.

What it does is it allows you to keep your jailbreak running without any problems.

You don’t need to have access to a computer to actually kickstart your jailbreak again and again. It’s that simple!

Step 1: To use it, first of all, download Cydia Extender tool.

Step 2: Once you have it, install it using Cydia Installer and start signing any IPA file you want to.

Step 3: Your jailbreak will now be signed properly and will run for another 7 days.

Cydia Extender is completely free to use and download so don’t pay money to anyone who offers to install it on your iPhone.

I suggest everyone to go for this amazing tweak. It not only works for your jailbreak file, but it also lets you sign other IPA files as well.

This means you can pretty much install unlimited IPA files for absolutely unlimited days! But remember  it will work only with devices that have a jailbreak installed beforehand. If you don’t have that, it won’t work.

Let us know how you like this amazing tool in the comments below.