How to create a content strategy? Just use Hitexter’s services!

We have learned the definition of content marketing, namely the periodic production of digital content to gain visibility on the web. It increases the authoritativeness of a web and also increases the chances of acquiring customers.

But how to create content systematically for your company website and blog?

A content strategy needs to be created. You need to understand the steps to follow to write in your corporate blog so you can create interesting and useful pages on your site.

The 5 Ws of content marketing


Every news to be written must answer a series of questions: who, what, why, where and when, that is, who committed the fact, who is the protagonist of the news, what it happened and why, where and when the fact happened.

The 5 Ws are therefore a sort of guidelines to follow, which make the writing process faster, more orderly, but above all more complete.

Now let’s see how the 5 Ws of journalism will be useful in content marketing, in the creation and publication of our content.

Which companies can engage in creating content?

Is it really necessary for every company and every freelancer to create their own online presence, with a work site and an associated blog?

The answer is no. Let’s take a couple of extreme examples. In your opinion, who would ever read the corporate blog of a funeral agency? Nobody, of course. However, such an agency needs a website and, consequently, a content strategy. It must therefore create thematic pages in order to have visibility.

The shoemaker in the neighborhood or in the village needs a blog to win over his customers? No, of course. No one would read it. But if a company really relies on online media for its promotion, it definitely needs a clear marketing content strategy. Clear marketing content strategies can usually only be provided by those who are truly professional. I’m talking about content provider companies. You can find them but only some of them provide services as promised.

I have been working on content marketing strategy for 5 years and so far I am relying on Hitexter to provide quality content for my web. The company is truly professional because they research the profile of each of its clients, making sure they really get the maximum benefit. Not only provide professional services, Hitexter also makes it easy for anyone who wants to expand into non-English speaking countries. I, personally, often use Hitexter services to provide Spanish-language content and I take advantage of this feature with just one click. With Hitexter I can run content marketing strategy more systematically. Hopefully this article can inspire you.