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How to choose a PBX for a company

Telephone communication is a business tool: any missed call from a customer or a poor-quality call is equivalent to a loss in money. Correctly selected automatic telephone exchange (ATS) is capable of increasing sales by 15-20%. “Secret” figured out how to choose a suitable system, not being a specialist in telephony. There are many brands available in market and if you work in Dubai, Office Phones Dubai is a good choice.

What you need to know before buying a PBX

While you employ less than 10 people and the company does not receive calls from customers, there will be enough mobile and fixed telephony. To think about a full-fledged automatic telephone exchange, which will allow you to manage a multitude of functions, is worthwhile when the company has its first clients.

ATS for a medium-sized business is an electronic device. Cabinets and rooms reserved for the station are needed only for corporations that have to connect more than a thousand subscribers. Digital PBXs for the office take up little space, they can be the size of a book or a bedside table – depending on the number capacity.

Office PBXs are divided into analog and digital. The first option, although considered obsolete, is actively used. Such stations have limited functionality and can only work with analog lines. Virtual stations generally do not require the installation of a device in the office – it is located at the provider. For the operation of IP-lines do not need wires, the main thing is to have the Internet – in any form.

The functional of the automatic telephone exchange depends on the modules installed in it – depending on the needs, the station is supplemented with the necessary cards. You can, for example, connect the function “Voicemail” or supplement the station with the ability to automatically send an SMS message, as well as to recognize the customer by voice and greet him.