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How do you feel better when your mood is off?

A bad mood is the first phase of depression. If a bad mood last for fortnight we should need professional help. But apart from that you can change your mood from bad to good by applying small tips. Here we discuss some easy remedies to change in your mood.

1) Smile: a big smile can change a bad mood to good.

2) Sniffing good Aroma: scent of lavender and essential orange oil can reduce anxiety and improve bad mood to good.

3) Jump around: you can change your mood by pumping up happy making endorphin hormones by jumping around with some jumping jacks like jumping rope.

4) Eating some Chocolate: eating chocolate is a perfect mood swinger. You can feel happy after a bite.

5) Chew gum: the repetitive action of chewing can promote relaxation and reduce stress.

6) Visualizing your best self: sometimes the imagination of our ideal selves i.e. calm, confident makes us feel better and inspire us to go ahead in life.

7) Gift yourself a present: another very effective way to change your mood from bad to good is to present yourself something of you wanted to buy.

8) Laugh: according to medical science laughter is the best remedy of mental depression or mood off. It can cheer you up. If you find nothing funny in your life you can check out latest funny videos in you tube, and visit pages like and read some humour Blog for endless laughter.

9) Count your Blessings: expressing gratitude about what you are thankful for is the instant way of mood boost.  Think and cherish these things.

10) Helping someone: by helping someone or dong some charity can boost your mood.

11) Music: singing or listening a happy song can uplift your mood.

12) Meditation: meditation is a great way to boost your mood. A few minutes of quietly sitting and chanting some mantras can energize your mood.

13) Add up something new in your life: by adding up something new or doing something that you wanted to do from long before can enhance your good feelings.