Hostcoin ICO – What It Means For Website Hosting

With the news of HostCoin ICO (Initial Coin Offering) coming soon making rounds everywhere, it is essential to find why this ICO is considered a big leap in web hosting world. The web hosting service always wanted something to become an answer to hacking threats. And thankfully, this answer was provided by blockchain website hosting, a concept that uses blockchain technology for hosting the websites. Various website owners are now shifting to blockchains, following the trend created by top players like Amazon.

So, what will be the top implications of HostCoin ICO

  1. It is meant to draw more and more people into buying HostCoins and further boost the website hosting offered by this blockchain provider. A website hosted on a blockchain-enabled environment will be more secure and impregnable and would mean business and secure business, to be precise.
  2. More competitive hosting: 10,000 HostCoins will be required for starting a white label offshoot of HostCoin hosting. Thus, those enterprises wanting to enter web hosting business will have an easy entry point to consider.
  3. Create another moneymaking opportunity: By the time HostCoin is open to all and the website hosting offer actually comes into action, you can use the time in between in trading the coins with other buyers and make money out of it. Thus, there is a readymade scope created for investors to grow their money and use additional capital to build an enriched web hosting empire.
  4. More security for the websites: With blockchains entering the web hosting scene, the owners can have added peace of mind as regards to the security of the online venture. The SSL will have added layer of security and the decentralized data maintenance will make all the trouble posed by hacking threats disappear. Thus, an improved version of SSL is what you can expect trending with the introduction and implementation of ICO of HostCoin.

Expectations are high as the results ensuing are going to be bigger and better. So, think of ICO as a trigger of new hope and guarantee of success. Website hosting is surely going to go through a makeover in coming times and ICO is a clear indicative of this fact.