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Here’s a Todo list for Effective Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Driving traffic to your products on Amazon is essential for creating initial conversions as well as sales. Besides that, it also continues to supply organic traffic that will give you expanding sales. 

Amazon is a competitive platform, and if you do not have the best strategies up your sleeve, you might not reap much profit, which is why many companies opt to hire an Amazon advertising agency to do the job. Since they have a team of experts studying the market, they give business people a great opportunity to beat their competition. 

Like we said, with the right advertising strategies, you can get sufficient traction from your campaign. Let us look at the best tips that you can resort to. 

Optimise Your Product Detail Pages 

Optimising your detail page will convert more traffic and make your ad campaigns more cost-effective. A good Amazon advertising agency will look into optimising with SEO keyword search terms in the product features, description, title, etc. Automatic campaigns that are not accompanied by SEO search terms are often rendered ineffective. 

Chart Out Your Campaigns Correctly 

Every Amazon advertising agency sets up its campaign program very carefully. The campaigns must be appropriate to the end one wishes to achieve. The idea is to begin by grouping campaigns of different products by their keywords. Each campaign has three advertisement groups, namely Broad, Phrase, and Exact. 

Both Automated and Manual Campaigns 

Most sellers are aware of the benefits that come with automated campaigns. It helps them initially gain insight into converting keywords and might end up listing your products as related products in your competitors’ detail pages. Automatic and manual campaigns both have immense benefits, and every Amazon advertising agency makes excellent use of them. This is one of the best ways in which you can make your products visible to sellers. 

Pay Attention to Product Level Profitability 

Focusing on product-level profitability will give you much detailed insight that could help your ad campaigns. Before you introduce paid advertisement, try to understand the gross profit on a product level. This data will help you gauge which products could reap the most benefits from a paid advertising boost. This also minimises your risk in the long run. 

The Flywheel Effect

The advertising needs have changed from the funnel model to the flywheel effect model. The former focused on a linear approach of marketing to sales to customers. In contrast, the latter used paid advertising as an agent to generate media, which drives overall growth. Paid and earned media consists of detailed page views, reviews, and orders while media own your content. 

Paid ads will drive a large amount of traffic to your product pages, thereby boosting the position of your brand. This will display your product in the upcoming organic search results. An upper hand in the organic search result and turn your whole game. The right Amazon advertising agency can help you achieve this goal quickly. 

Use Negative Keywords 

Using the right negative keywords can yield impressive results. It helps your product pop up in searches related to your brand even if the customer is not searching for your company. For instance, if you are selling earbuds, it would pop up when someone searches for ‘earbuds’ but not when one searches for ‘Boat earbuds’. So here you must smartly use ‘boat’. However, do not go about using every negative keyword as that could harm your campaign. Look for the most searched ones and use them sparsely yet wisely. 

An advertising agency has all these tricks and more up its sleeves. They study the market, consumer behaviour, and traffic flow well enough to tailor a campaign that will suit your brand the best.