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Great Details in White Label Trading Now

The white label system fits perfectly with the principle of affiliation even if it does not go through traditional affiliate platforms.Indeed, the webmaster will have to register directly with the service of a merchant proposing the white mark rather than to pass via a trusted third party.

The tools of a white mark

A white mark offers webmasters a palette of tools. We speak of white label because the user will never know that the service is not offered directly by the webmaster of the site he consults but by another provider. For the this is the best option now.

For the webmaster, the benefits are many:

  • He can add content and service on his own site
  • Internet users do not leave the webmaster’s site
  • The site belongs to the webmaster that can change the content overnight
  • The webmaster promotes primarily “his service” rather than participate in the notoriety of an advertiser
  • Services may be offered (such as accommodation) without technical expertise

Examples of white marks

If the concept still seems unclear, know that there are white marks in almost all areas!

  • Price comparison
  • Voucher
  • Accommodation
  • Lingerie
  • T-shirt

For example, you can start your own ecommerce site overnight, on the domain name of your choice, without ever worrying about logistics, secure payments or customer returns.In the example of a white label in Ecommerce, you will promote your own brand and will have to do everything to attract as many qualified visitors to your website.The white label will put at your disposal a whole site or a service which you will be able to customize to your liking according to the technical possibilities offered.

Make money with a white mark

It is quite possible to generate significant revenue with a white label, especially if it offers quality services or products.

The payment principle is the same as the affiliation. You earn commissions on everything you sell. Some white brands offer commissions exceeding 25%. Others give you the customers for good or for several years and you earn commissions on each new order.

Suggest a white mark

  • If you sell products or a service, it is of course possible to go through an affiliate platform. But it can also be interesting to think of the white mark.
  • However, this often requires a larger investment. It will first develop the tools that will allow webmasters to sell your products themselves. A backoffice so that they can follow the evolution of their turnover is also essential.

Finally, it will take time to answer all the questions of webmasters, promote your white label and recruit new affiliates every day.The only benefit of the white label is when it fits into a smart and pragmatic affiliate strategy for a website already in place. For example, a leading site on the subject of information on football will be able to set up a dedicated section, type shop, on its site where it will propose products ticket for the next matches, jersey, balloon, etc. in connection with this sport and its audience. The only difference with a similar device proposed in traditional affiliation is that the visitor will not be redirected to the site of the advertiser to finalize his order.