Get to know some of the uses of video wall

The video walls can be found everywhere these days. Because of their feature to catch the attention of everyone, the video walls have become one way to advertise companies and their products and services. Not only the video wall display can be found in place of billboards, malls, etc. but also are used these days at control rooms, NOCs and command centers.

Some uses of video wall

  • The video wall display is one great way to catch the eye and grab the attention of the passerby. Hence it is one ideal way to deliver the commercial messages of the organization in an effective way. Variety of industries including hospitality, retail, airport, hospitals, financial institutions, universities and education settings, live events and others can use them for their promotion.
  • The digital signage and video walls are used by the service industry as well. The places especially the Quick Service Restaurants or QRS use them as interactive information and menu board. Other industries use the interactive feature of video wall to let customers interact with it. Searching for information, exploring maps etc. can be done using the video walls.
  • The control rooms and command centers use the video walls to monitor as well as analyze the information. Effective monitoring is important for detecting any failure in system, examining security or other data etc. Live camera feeds, maps, Key Performance Indicators, etc. from multiple sources can be viewed simultaneously on video walls.
  • Communication service providers like TV, internet and phone service provider to large population use the video wall to carefully look at various variables, anticipate problems, and reduce the impact on the business. They can study social media interaction, weather patterns, TV channel ratings, bandwidth etc. for reliable services.
  • Video walls can also be used at public talks, concerts and gatherings, live events and broadcasts. You can find them at theatres, museums, places of worships, art installations etc.