Garmin Fenix 5X – Features & Troubleshooting Tips

Are you looking for the best Garmin watches? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share with you a complete info on the best performing watch by Garmin.

Well, all of you know that Garmin is the premium watchmaker for fitness freaks, cyclists, and runners. So, if you are a serious runner or athlete, then you must have owned a Garmin GPS watch. If not, then you must be thinking about picking a Garmin watch sooner or later.

I personally own a Garmin watch, and believe me, its outstanding and does everything that I need. Okay now just get down to know what Garmin has to offer you this year.

You must have heard about Garmin Fenix range, here we are going to discuss on Fenix 5 Plus which another new product of Garmin with powerful performance and better features for fitness freaks.

Features of Garmin Fenix 5X

  • Compatibility to Garmin Pay
  • Enabled with iHeartRadio
  • Advanced user interface with stress monitoring
  • Sleep tracking & steps counting
  • Better design

How to Pair Your Smartphone with Garmin Fenix 5X Device?

To use all the features of the Fenix 5X device, you should pair it with the Garmin Connect instead of Garmin map update or Bluetooth of your smartphone.

Step 1

For pairing your smartphone to Fenix FX, go to the app store using your smartphone, and install the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Step 2

Take your smartphone within the range of 10 m – approx. 33 ft. of your device and hold on light to turn on the device.

Step 3

The first time when you switch on the device, it will open in pairing mode.

Step 4

Now, add Fenix 5X to the Garmin Connect account:

Notes: If this is the first time you are paring this device, follow all the given on-screen instructions or call Garmin customer service team for complete help on troubleshooting issues.

Those who have already paired the Fenix 5X with the Garmin Connect smartphone application should go to the –

Settings – Garmin Devices – Add Device to your smartphone

How to Setup your Profile on Garmin Fenix 5x?

It is a simple process and those who already have a Garmin connect profile, updating Garmin fitness product profile is even easier. If you’re a new user, there are only a few settings to make such as:

Adding info about your age, weight, and height. You can add more info by using-

Settings – User profile – Heart rate – Other Details

To add widgets, go to “Settings” and “Widgets” section. All changes can be made there.

In the End

There you have it the best Garmin watch Fenix 5X for tracking your running & sleep activity. So, my advice to you is – it is one of the best watches by Garmin so take what I have said into consideration and also do a little further research yourself. But, Garmin watches have something new to offer you whichever type of runner or cyclists you are.