Five Tips for Best SEO Result in 2018

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is an ever going process. SEO performance and working keep on changing because Google keeps algorithm updating. Google is the biggest search engine and keeps on updating to entertain the user with the best experiences.

Due to the changing nature of SEO, it needs to modify your working accordingly. If you fail to do so, SEO becomes hard for you. What do many entrepreneurs favor? They avoid applying SEO tactic to their marketing plan instead they prefer to use PPC and paid campaigns.

But honestly speaking, SEO efforts draw more organic traffic to your website than PPC.  But you must apply advanced tactics and strategies to optimize your search engine. Let’s discuss SEO services in USA and there tips that can render the best result in 2018.

1-Keywords Strategy

Keywords are significant to your SEO. They are capable of finding out your niche relevance as well as visibility of your site in SERPs of search engines. Operating on SEO without optimizing your keywords is not more than a waste of time.

Adopting appropriate keywords demands struggles, but step by step functioning can easily accompany you to the right keywords approach. Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner, an outstanding tool to research keywords. You need a valid Google account to start with.

Incite actions like “for sale,” “for rent,” “call now” can be used. Make use of the long tail keywords and stay more location specific.

2-On-Page SEO Efforts

Along with the assortment of relevant long tail keywords you also need to focus your on-page SEO for best results. On-page optimization is as well necessary to your SEO efforts.  Avoid keyword Stuffing as it is a dangerous practice and may annoy and bore your reader. SEO is very helpful in the web and app development services

Most of the SEO experts prefer only 2-4 times usage of keywords throughout your range. According to an estimation, keep your keyword density range 2-5% only. Keyword placement is also the primary factor in SEO. Like to add your keywords preferably in following areas of a page:

  •    Page title
  •    Meta Description
  •    URL
  •    H1 or H2 tags

3-Voice Technology

With the advent of Pixel2, voice search technology has become more popular. As Samsung has launched galaxy 8 and iPhone has also introduced in the market. So it is the time to optimize your SEO efforts for voice search technology.

40% of the adults are currently in use of this technology on Google, and 20% of mobile users are noted to use voice searches on their mobile phones. In the light of this data t is the time to corporate voice search technology to your SEO strategy.


AI means artificial intelligence. In 2015 Google announced Rank brain updates. It is one of the 3 top ranking factors on SEO. , now you need to optimize Rank Brain to improve your SEO efforts. Google algorithms are updating and growing at a fast and constant pace, so you also need to strategize your SEO accordingly.

Rank Brain is a type of artificial intelligence machine learning system. It reads and then understands the queries in a more authentic way and after processing presents the best on SERPs. With the advent of RankBrain User experience has enhanced.

5- Content is still king

Whatever efforts you are putting in for your SEO to align your path with Google updates, still content is the king. The importance of content to SEO cannot be denied. It is your content that has to rank on SERPs of search engines.

Focus essential factors in your content, like its relevance, information or date it possesses, natural language easily understandable by the reader, Specific long tail keywords to appear SERPs, etc. Creating a powerful quality relevant content is superior to all the tactics applied to your SEO.

Bottom Line

SEO is an ongoing process at a fast pace. One should necessarily walk with its speed to rank high on SERPs to have more and more organic traffic to your website. Voice recognition technology is also improving, and mobile first has become an essential factor to SEO. You need to incorporate these technologies into your marketing plans but keep an eye on the pulse of SEO updates. One thing more, while performing all the efforts don’t forget that content is at the core of your SEO.