Features of File Sharing Script

The businesses these days need the software to share the files. These files are generally placed in a folder which is accessible to the users through website, or application. It allows the user to read and also write and edit the files therein. It is particularly very safe and secure medium as you cannot keep all your files on your system. Technology is thus very unpredictable therefore it is best to make use of File sharing script.

Let us understand the features and the importance of the file sharing script.

  1. The high performance and the reliability of these online scripts make file sharing script pretty neat and easy.
  2. These are very simple to use and very user friendly.
  3. You have the freedom to add innumerable files through the back end and can also share it with the people who choose.
  4. Besides, you can upload any kind of file such as text, videos, images, files and so on.
  5. These file sharing software also give you the freedom to mark the active and inactive files. You can get rid of them but in case you want to store them, that also can be done.
  6. The storage capacity is great which means that you can even store the heaviest of files.
  7. The administrator can add or delete the users and therefore the entire onus is on the admin to make sure that the files are very much in place.

The users also have a few advantages to it. Listed are the same:

  1. The users can easily edit their profile.
  2. They can modify the credentials as well.
  3. Multiple files can be uploaded all at once.
  4. The users can make comments and notes on these files which can be used for future reference.
  5. If in case you don’t want to download, you can even get a preview of the file through an image. And then you can decide if you want to download it or not.

Installation of File Sharing Script

The installation of these file sharing scripts is quite easy and convenient. The file sharing script can be easily embedded to your website using the PHP code. And like it’s mentioned, this is fairly convenient to use as well.

It is up to you if you want to get the FSS with the user license or the developer. Accordingly, you can get the same custom made as per your requirement. But this is one thing that the businesses need these days.