Facts about the newly updated proxies for The Pirates Bay

As we all know that nothing good comes easily or without any difficulty and this implies to each and every aspect of life. There was a time when it was very easy to download the videos, movies, games and other stuff easily through the website called The Pirates Bay, but since the time it has been blocked by the multiple countries of the world the result has affected its vivid users. When you use a particular website then you become kind of addictive and also become dependent on it. It is very difficult to do the same thing with the different tools. One fact that will remain true always is that there is no substitute for this website. Now, the good thing about this matter is that the website has found some solution to this problem and has found alternatives to it. In this article, we will be presenting the name of the countries where The Pirates Bay has been banned and also the effect of the new proxies on people who have used it.

List of the countries

Two of the most important countries among all who blocked the site are Australia and China. This was done after they found the unwanted content on the site. However, the government of China has now removed the ban and the site has been unblocked now. Not just this, but the countries like Russia, Qatar, Iran, India and many others too have banned the website forever and there is no hope of unblocking it in the near future. Along with this, the mirror sites also have been blocked, thus increasing the problem for the users.

How to get access to the site now

You must be wondering that now that the site is completely banned, one could not be able to download stuff from here. If you are thinking in this manner, then you are wrong as the site has found a solution to this problem. As mentioned earlier, there are some alternatives for this site. You cannot access the site using the direct network connection but can use it through Virtual Private Network. This called VPN and the help of this network, one can easily access the site. There is a list of various proxy sites, referring to which one could get to download the stuff they want or require. You can use a new proxy list for Buy proxies and will get the solution to your problems.

What do people think about proxies?

If you will go the comments or reviews of various people on twitter or other places, then the first thing that you will figure out is the other methods for the access that they suggest in the comment. Apart from this, there is hardly any complaint against the proxies that are there. It seems everyone is happily using them.

The site is undoubtedly the best amongst all other such sites. If you have not tried the proxies yet, then go give it a try now and you will feel as if the website is back.