Everything you need to know about Satellite internet

The internet has become one of the prominent communication standards in the sphere of working with the world around. While you can use the internet with the help of routers and allied hardware when you are in an office or home. However, what about a situation where you look for the internet access when you are in an area that is out of nowhere? This is where the concept of Satellite Internet comes to your assistance.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet, as the name itself should be indicative, is the internet service provided through the use of satellites. It involves the use of three satellite dishes. One placed at the location of the internet service provider’s hub, one at the satellite revolving around the earth and a third one at the place where you access the internet.

The service provider sends the internet signals to the satellite which then relays it back to your modem installed at your location. Somewhat akin to the satellite cable services you have been using, it offers you a continuous internet service without hiccups.

Why use Satellite Internet?

Well, the major reason that necessitates satellite internet is the fact that you are in a remote location where the conventional internet service provision is not possible. If your region does not support cable or DSL internet service, satellite internet should be one of the best options to opt for.

What are the positive factors that a satellite internet service can offer you? These reasons can be efficient enough.

  • It offers you a faster internet service. In fact, it is faster than the dialup service and even can surpass the performance of the DSL services
  • They can handle higher bandwidth requirements. Thus there should not be anything that disrupts your internet speed or performance including the peak time usage.
  • You do not need to opt for landline or phone connection for using satellite internet services.

While it offers you an excellent service, it is one of the most expensive internet options as of now. Of course, more focus on the service and more number of subscribers can help reduce the costs involved and thus bring down the price in the future.

What does the future hold?

Well, right now – the technology may be considered to be in the nascent stage though there have been a few service providers who have been into developing the network. As things stand as of now, it all depends upon the supply and demand scenario.

It does suffer a few issues like a poor latency and high ping rate as of now. Thus it may not be the right option for gaming or VoIP services as per the status of technology stands as of now. Even then, it may not be something we may be able to knock off as yet. It can indeed be the savior where you do not have access to the traditional modes of getting a reliable internet services.

In essence, satellite internet has a long way to go before it can be available for a wide range of regions and applications. But, the technology is taking the right path, and we may find it becoming a prime option for the internet quite soon.