Easy ways to obtain positive feedback on your services

Analysing your services can give you many insights into what your customers like or don’t like. But sometimes it’s not enough. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just ask them and get straight answers from them? Yes, indeed I’m talking about customer feedback.

Why feedback is important?

Feedback is one of the most persuasive methods to improve your marketing. Customers typically share the unsatisfactory experience with others. It’s not unusual for negative feedback to go viral and upset a brand’s trustworthiness with the growing use of social media.

Let’s look at some very effective ways of getting positive feedback.

  • Provide proactive live chat support

Chat support helps a firm get closer to its customers by better understanding their needs and challenges. It also helps recognize patterns if there are any cyclical issues and helps find long-term solutions for those issues. You can upturn the efficacy of your online chat by making it proactive. The website designing and development company will help to set the live chat window to appear whenever a customer stays on a page for a long time like 20 seconds.

  • Provide dedicated feedback forms on your site

Provide at least a dedicated feedback email like feedback@**********.com. If there are any criticisms, customers can communicate their complaints through this email. This remains one of the most effective methods for generating feedback. You can take this a step further by providing a dedicated feedback form, placed prominently on your website. The forms must consist of all relevant feedback-related questions, but should not be too long. Whenever possible, provide customers with multiple options. The top website development company in Mumbai will help you with making email address for feedback or the feedback form highly visible on the website.

  • Call your customers regularly

Calling customers is a highly personalized way to seek feedback. This method is proactive and generates the best responses. The benefit of this way is that you get direct feedback, straight from the customer. Furthermore, hearing your customer’s voice and tone provides an opportunity to sense their satisfaction. In order to get the most out of this way, contact customers at appropriate times.

  • Monitor social media channels

Social media channels can be a vital means for feedback. A variety of tools are accessible that help in social listening or gathering conversations on social media about a brand. Social listening provides a great opportunity for you to improve user experience and quickly respond to any issue that might arise.

  • Use polls

Polls can be an effective way of looking for feedback due to their user-friendliness. You can conduct polls on your website, through newsletter or emails. You can also conduct polling via social media websites. Polls play a significant role in identifying trends which can help you make business decisions.

What’s next?

Firms often ask for feedback, but don’t do anything with it! First of all, take a deep look at the answers, categorize them, and then share the feedback with those who can implement those changes like your product team or your customer support team.