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Do The Angular/Nodejs Courses To Start A New Career In Web Development

The AngularJS and Node JS Course training are comprehensive courses which comprise a diverse style of teaching and exclusive industry-relevant study material. It is a perfect fit for web development professionals who are new in the industry and also for students who want to learn the latest web application development techniques.

Angular6 and Node JS are web applications development-framework working with the popular Javascript. These front-end frameworks are extremely popular because of their easy coding. They reduce the time spent on creating an application. Angular JS 2.0 and the Node JS are both more advanced compared to other applications and are written entirely in TypeScript of JS. It makes scalability easy and most suited for large projects where declarative code features and Type safety are important. Developers use these frameworks for creating scalable applications and single-page applications like Facebook.

Essential educational qualifications required

A boot-camp of 2-day intensive coaching as a refresher helps to bring you up to speed. It is mandatory that participants have proficiency and 

  • Knowledge of CSS and some work experience in programming is profoundly beneficial
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML

What the course is all about

The Angular/Node JS course is made of 20/16 hrs of immersive modules through which you inculcate practice on industry-related exercises. For each unit completed at these coursesyou receive credits at the rate of 1 credit per hour of training. Most certifications for professionals not only require credits they also mandate such training. The Angular and NodeJS Course certifications are an effective tool which validates your practical skills, and proficiency in Angular/Node JS. 

They cover the following topics in the Angular/Node Courses.

  • The fundamentals of AngularJS 2.0 and NodeJS and how they score over V1
  • Concepts of JavaScript MVC Framework
  • Angular tools used in MVC to build SPAs and web applications
  • Server communication and features of functional projects
  • Concepts of Dependency Injection, their uses, and modules
  • Creation of Custom-Directive, filters, and isolate scopes in Directives
  • Test and deploy your applications

How will this course help me?

The present scenario of web application development is competitive and evolving. It is crucial that you update your skill sets to include futuristic technology and tools of NodeJS, and AngularJS such as CSS Styling, Forms, Pipes, to the more advanced basics of Directives, Routing, and Multi-threaded Web. Angular6 can be your pathway to a great career. Developers are in high demand and earn lucratively. 

The Angular JS training has a tech-savvy and easily accessible learning platform with industry experts at the helm. An interactive style and well-designed progressively streamlined modules facilitate higher knowledge retention. The training also allows for convenient scheduling.

To be on top in this field, you need to be proficient in the basics of the Angular 6 framework features and how to build end-to-end, working applications. That is what the Angular JS training is all about! The NodeJS courses with Zeolearn will put you on the pathway to a secure career. They provide you professional certifications that endorse your domain expertise.

When you plan to start the course, choose Zeolearn. Act today!