Do Keywords Still Matter in 2018

Keyword research has, for a long time, been the foundation of success in SEO. As years passed by, however, there have been numerous changes to the way web pages are ranked. These developments have led to the introduction of factors that search engines consider when ranking websites. Many people now believe that keyword rankings are not relevant anymore while there are those who think otherwise. It is best to consult SEO experts like Cardinal Digital Marketing to determine the appropriate action to rake. Here is a glimpse of the debate in more detail.

Placing Undue Focus on Keywords Spells Doom for your Website

In the past, the use of short tail or exact match keywords was pretty much all the optimization that you required. Well, that was until the recent updates that search engines like Google effected to give priority to user experience in place of keyword stuffed content were put to use. Such changes resulted in the penalization of sites that ranked highly due to stuffed keywords by diminishing their visibility in search results. As such, a professional like Cardinal Digital Marketing can help you create a healthy balance when it comes to the use of keywords.

The fact that Google and the rest of the search engines can identify and understand synonyms makes it essential not to stuff a particular keyword in your content. Additionally, they can comprehend the meaning behind search terms in place of the specific keywords used in searches. Google made these changes to prevent sites that rank highly due to keyword use from being accessed by users since their content quality was poor, and they offered little help to them. An Atlanta SEO expert can prevent your website from experiencing similar consequences.

Ignoring Keywords is equally ruinous

When you hear the phrase “create content for readers, not the search engines,” it is not an indication that you should fail to utilize keywords in your material. The reason is that search engines will not have a clue about what your content is about, which will make your website fail to rank highly as you desired. It is interesting to note that such the primary focus of search engines today is the enhancement of user experience. So, your action may well be understood by search engines to be inappropriate manipulation of their working mechanisms. Do not forget that Google is just a machine, and it would be difficult for it to identify the search terms to use in ranking your website. It is by working with a renowned party such as Cardinal Digital Marketing that you can avert such an outcome.

Keywords Still Matter

Unless something new comes up, the work of an SEO company in Atlanta is making websites rank for the appropriate search queries. As a consequence, if your firm’s primary focus is the sale of sports cars, ranking first for that phrase will still be critical to your business operations. Such a position is the basis upon which some people believe that keywords are still important.

The Irrelevant Nature of Keywords

Several factors that have made Atlanta SEO services to rethink about giving importance to keywords. For instance, personalized searches have made it impossible to get universal search results. The fact that there are perpetual changes to search engine algorithms also means that SERP changes are frequent.


It is clear that the position you take is dependent on which side of the divide you find to be most convincing. However, do not forget to consult an SEO Atlanta expert for advice on which approach to apply to your online advertising efforts. The debate on the matter continues.