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Digital Risk Management for Your Marketing Agency 

In the modern era, there are a multitude of technologies that have significantly changed the landscape of our entire world. People from all over the globe utilize the Internet and other web-based technologies on a daily basis, and it has affected all facets of our society. Technology has not only influenced people in their personal lives, but it has also had a major effect on the professional sector as well. Companies utilize technology in a myriad of ways, and all types of businesses, especially in modern marketing, have to understand the positives as well as the pitfalls that it presents. Marketing agencies in the 21st century do much of their work online, so it is important for you to be aware of the threats that malicious hackers pose. While there are many different types of marketing agencies, all of them use the web and have digital files that have to be made safe from cyber-crime. Learning about the potential threats to your marketing agency is essential if you want to ensure that your business is safe from digital risk.

What Exactly is Digital Risk?

In order to effectively protect your marketing agency from the possibilities of digital risk, it is important to understand what digital risk truly is. Digital risk can be broken down into three major spheres: defending online brand security, attack surface reduction, and data loss detection. In order to efficaciously defend online brand security, your agency needs to create provisions to protect your company’s social media accounts and ensure that your other web-based platforms are safe. It is also imperative that you put systems in place to identify phishing scams that are posing as your agency. If you want to reduce attack surface, you have to fortify your company’s IT infrastructure by defending against misconfigured file sharing protocols, open ports, and weak or expiring certificates. Finally, in order to protect against data loss detection, your business will have to regularly monitor for potential data exposures that hackers can infiltrate. 

How to Manage Digital Risk?

Understanding digital risk is crucial if you want to defend your marketing agency from potential threats, and it is important to learn about the methods for defending against digital risk management in order to keep your business protected. The first step you need to take is to evaluate all of the sensitive data that your agency has, from client information to systems data, and everything in between. Next, you need to contemplate and realize the types of vulnerabilities that your business may come in contact with by understanding the numerous opportunities that hackers could take to threaten your company. Finally, you need to monitor for unsolicited exposure throughout numerous facets of the deep, dark, and open web, as well as criminal forums, git repositories, and other locations. 

Once you understand the possibilities for digital risk, it is important that you take action towards defending your business. You will have to set up operational, tactical, and strategic mitigation techniques through numerous methods such as removing offending content from websites, embedding in security operations, and updating risk and threat models.

Final Thoughts

As your marketing agency grows, it is important to recognize the potential threats that digital risk poses to your business. In the 21st century, understanding digital risk and learning how to effectively manage it is an essential part of operating a marketing agency.