Determining the Moisture Content Using Microwave Moisture Analyzer

Determining the water content present in food materials such as cheese and milk are one of the most common and popular laboratory studies which has been carried out for several years. This is done in order to make sure that the food product quality is at par with the requirement of the industry. The analysis also helps us to understand the quality of the yield of the concerned product.

It acts as a scale on which most of the farmers are paid. For example, based on the solid content present in milk, a specific payment is made to the manufacturer responsible. To understand the use and productivity of microwave technology, let us answer a few general questions which are related to this topic.

How does the microwave moisture analyzer work?

  • The application of the Microwave Moisture Analyzer is pretty straightforward. The sample food product is s places in the glass fiber pad. Heat is then evenly applied to the commodity by using microwave technology.
  • The application of the heat waves causes the moisture present in the food material to evaporate. The application of the homogeneous microwaves distributed then helps the commodity to rapidly dry off all the moisture.
  • This drying procedure should take approximately 40 second to about 2 minutes depending on the nature and the texture of the food commodity.
  • The weight of the product without moisture present in it obviously changes. This change in the weight of the commodity before the application of the process is compared with the results obtained after the execution of the moisture analyzing procedure.
  • This loss of weight then finally helps to determine the moisture content held by the food commodity and the original weight of the product without any moisture content present in it.

Almost all bulk goods can be measured using microwaves. In order to gain more information about this topic feel free to contact and consult the experts at Here you will be able to gain more knowledge about the use and the application of Microwave Moisture technology in a broader way.