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Data Science Course in Bangalore and Machine Learning

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a field which comprises all aspects of data like data cleansing, data preparation, and data analysis. It is a combination of mathematics, statistics, problem-solving, programming, capturing data, and aligning the data. So, in summary, data science is all the techniques used in trying to get information and insights from data.

Data science, as mentioned, is the science used to extract information from data. Different techniques from various disciplines are utilized for this purpose. Machine learning consists of some techniques which can be useful for data science, such as decision trees, deep learning, and clustering algorithms. However, data science uses more than machine learning and machine learning is much more involved than what Data Science Training in Bangalore uses.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the practice of using algorithms to learn from the data and to forecast future trends based on it. The software comprises statistical and predictive analysis used for spotting patterns and to gather hidden insights which are based on the perceived data. Facebook is a good example of its implementation. The machine learning algorithms of Facebook gathers all the behavioral information available for every user on its platform. Based on past behavior, interests are predicted and notifications and articles are recommended on the News Feed. Amazon also uses machine learning to recommend products to customers. Similarly, Netflix uses machine learning algorithms to recommend movies based on past behavior.

Machine learning creates systems which learn from data. It can be used in various settings, like making robots learn to walk or training virtual agents for playing video games. Machine learning is just another outlook on statistics. Critical skills needed which can help carve out a career in this domain are:

  • Proficiency in computer fundamentals
  • Thorough knowledge of programming skills
  • Awareness of statistics and probability
  • Data evaluation and modeling skills


How are Data Science and Machine learning related?

As Data Science is a general term for various disciplines, machine learning also fits into data science, even though data science is much broader than machine learning. The ‘data’ as mentioned in data science need not evolve from a mechanical process or a machine. Before machine learning algorithms can be used for data, various other processes are involved in data science such as data visualization, descriptive statistics, and manipulations to prepare the data.

Hence, data science is an integration of various disciplines which include software engineering, data analytics, machine learning, data engineering, business analytics, predictive analytics and much more. It includes the retrieval, gathering, ingestion as well as transformation of loads of data, known collectively as Big Data.

It is data science which is responsible to bring a structure to Big Data and to search compelling patterns and to finally advise major decision makers regarding changes to suit their business needs. Machine learning is one of the many tools used by data science for this purpose. Data Science and machine learning are among a few domains which are the most popular and in-demand right now in order to secure a solid career and a bright future.

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