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Consumer Review: WeatherBug App Over-The-Years!

All over the world, we have a change in weather. Yes, it is, we are not God to predict the climate or the weather in a given region. However, we do not have to be God to predict the weather. The technology’s contribution all these years were massive.

The satellite development and another source of technology have given big thumbs up for the people to survive. The weather information collected by the satellite is, directly delivered to our mobile phone. Although, it is not that all the technologies are accurate and everything can say with a 100 percent accuracy.

We can say that technologies are mostly accurate when talking about weather apps and travel apps. In this round of technology, we are going see the review of WeatherBug app over-the-years.

The Performance of WeatherBug App over These Years

I am a traveler, and usually, I travel a long distance. Therefore, while traveling, I face a lot of issues with regards to the weather. In my journey, I just come up with a very bad weather that spoils all my expectation as well as my work.

I was frustrated with the weather issues because it spoils my trip and my work. Then, I met the WeatherBug. The WeatherBug is a weather application, and I always call him my best pal. Do you know why?

My best friend, the WeatherBug was always there for me to say a fore hand about the weather. Of course, the moment he warns, I travel out with all the necessary preparation to move further with my work.

If you have the WeatherBug with you, then you will feel like there is a small prophet with you to say all sorts of weather in advance to you alone. It might sound bit childish, but still, you will be happy with it.


You always have a weather forecast in your pocket. The WeatherBug forecast’s the weather situation hourly. If you want a pre warning about the weather, then you should surf in the WeatherBug app for the next ten days.


On the other hand, you might travel a distance, right. No worries, you have your best pal with you. It is none other than the WeatherBug. It shows you the map to guide your way. Of course, you won’t get lost anywhere. Even if you get lost, WeatherBug is there to guide you back to your destination.


Just like an alarm clock, the WeatherBug has an alert system to inform you about the weather outside, which you are probably not aware. It also shows the over all outlook of weather around the world.


You can look the weather condition outside by just sitting at home like a king by using the WeatherBug application. The application connects the local surveillance camera in your area, and you can monitor the weather without stepping a foot outside the door.


The WeatherBug is performing very well with an outstanding performance over these years. As I said before, technologies cannot be accurate all the time, but still, most of its predictions are perfect.