Business Analysis and Software Development- How Anju Vallabhaneni Complements One Other?

Just be a part of a software development project, and you’ll realize how good it works with a team of skilled developers, especially when they have a diverse set of knowledge. However, even though the junior most developer has got a role to play in the development of software, it is the role of a business analyst that determines whether the business will succeed or not. These analysts, according to Anju Vallabhaneni will work closely with each of the businesses and determine whether any particular project is going to succeed or not. The value that these business analysts add brings in the development team to avoid overlooking the areas and get things right before it gets too late.

Ways How Anju Vallabhaneni Believes Business Analysts Can Help in Transformation of Projects

While a software development company starts working on multiple projects, they get the analysts on board before starting off. These professionals work in setting the vision of the project and jot down the requirement in an elucidated list. Developing any software at random doesn’t make much sense, as a result of which, the developers need to have certain criteria set before starting to write codes. Identifying the problems is the best way to start, and these analysts come up with all the details. However, the analysts need to make sure that before starting off with a project, developers must have one single vision to avoid the discrepancies that will help develop confusion. To do so, there are certain methodical steps which the business analysts must go through.

  • Interviews– This is not just the common, but also the most valuable step. Only an analyst can get to know the concerns of different stakeholders and hence ask them with a detailed questionnaire is the best way to bring things out in broad daylight.
  • Documentation and Analysis are where these professionals make the difference. Multiple facts will come up and several opinions that will be set. Reading them out and making a concrete judgment out of it helps the developers start working on the development of the software and related issues.
  • Prototyping is conclusively the best alternative that business analysts come up with when there’s no concrete solution to deal with. There are several ways of coming down to a solution and hence building a similar prototype is what the analysts prefer to understand the scopes of improvement and also to judge the requirement.

Once the development process starts, Anju Vallabhaneni believes it is essential to put the software into thorough testing to make sure the result stays as close as the requirement. The software is being developed to deliver certain services, and these software development company finally look up to certain profit margin which helps them to enhance their business perspectives. Business analysis has always had a key role in developing software as well, and the tremendous value they create needs no special mention. Putting the project in a streamlined path is what all development companies prefer, and hence analysts must be made as a part of the process thoroughly.