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Bonk Be Live  – Worlds Best App, Fledged with Application of AI, VR and AR

We live in a world where technology has taken the place of humans in many industries. The innovations are becoming prominent and are widely adapted by the people all across the world. The people are now spending more time on the internet and mobile interacting with others. The long phone calls have been replaced by shorts messages on IM apps. There is a need of an app that can revive the way people communicate with each other.

Bonk Be Live  has arrived in the app world at the right time. The powerful technology blended with a mix of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, the app has been able to defeat the big players in the live streaming app world. This app has already been admired by a number of technology companies and tech nerds. Let’s have an insight on the Bonk Be Live  app.

Bonk Be Live  – The Legacy Unmatched

Bonk Be Live  is a revolutionary application that has revived the way people used to communicate. Now, they can connect over the video streams and have an interaction with mass audience by broadcasting themselves on the app interface. Not only this, they can even reach thousands of global followers and get an opportunity to earn money through this app. All they have to do is reach the Bonkin/Bonkified level on the app and start promoting the advertisements on their streams.

Boink Live Streaming Corporation is the company behind the development of this fabulous application that is tailored for the youth. The bright colors and larger fonts make the interface more appealing. The users can send/receive the 2D/3D gifts ad can even convert them into points. The app has many such features hidden in its interface and many more are yet to be launched.

Bonk Be Live  Latest Features Launched with the New Update

Bonk Be Live  has created a marvelous platform for the users where they can connect with new people globally and at the same time can make money online with the app. Some of the latest added features to the app are:

  • Bonk Be Live has added the a few augmented reality features like hand drawing on screen, stream recording, and a few more.
  • The users can invite the other people for the video chats and can even send a private message to the followers.
  • Larger fonts and brighter colors are used on the app interface.
  • ‘Go Live’ option allows the users to add the title, set location, change stream display color, add hashtags, and share the stream on Facebook.
  • Each broadcaster gets a ‘Moments’ page where he/she can share the photos, links, streams, and other media to keep the followers entertained.
  • You can send emojis, GIFs, video & audio messages, photos etc. to other users as well.

The Features Expected to Launch Soon

  • The app’s UI will support 32 international languages.
  • The features such as starting private stream, face to face streaming and returning to stream after call are to be added.
  • A few games will be added to the interface making it easy for the users to earn coins and diamonds during the gameplay.
  • Many exciting augmented features are yet to be launched soon.
  • Bonk Be Live VIP and Premium services will be added to make users experience more story-driven and personal.


Bonk Be Live  is working really hard on marketing of the app now. The new contract ‘Imagically’, signed last month, is the proof for that. Greg Gifford and Bonk Be Live  have signed this contract for marketing of the Bonk Be Live  app in the US region. Under this contract Greg will be working with Bonk Be Live  to recruit 30 million new US users to the application. Bonk Be Live  will be spending USD25 million in the promotion under Gifford’s guidance. He will be working as the new EVP for Corporate Development (US Region) at Boink Live Streaming Corporation.

The End Note

Bonk Be Live  is a phenomenal application that has secured a place in people’s heart with all the latest and exciting features it has in its trunk. It hasn’t disappointed the youth and has tried to keep them entertained with its interactive interface. The new features adding up to the app with every update will keep its users intact for a long time. We will soon see Bonk Be Live  touching great heights.