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Best Ways to Sharpen Your Gaming Skills

It is evident that in almost all First-Person Shooter games players are supposed to get XP by means of which they are capable of leveling up their rank. It helps them hone their skills and defeat their opponents with ease and pleasure. Surely, that type of game sounds quite appealing to most gamers as it implies competition, in which everyone is eager to be the best player. However, every game has its own set of tips on how to reach one’s goal effectively and comfortably. In this article we will consider some of them on the example of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone

At the outset, it is crucial to mention a great variety of weapon the game offers. It is worth attention as weapon plays a vital role in COD. Nevertheless, the most efficient ways to rank up in COD are:

  • Playing Deathmatch. COD: Warzone is free-to-play, however this mode is only available for those who has a pay-to-play game from the COD series – Modern Warfare. Although TDM requires payment, this mode is very helpful as every kill impacts your weapon leveling. Besides, you will surely get better at aiming. In this way, you mix business with pleasure – hone skills and level up weapon;

  • Playing Plunder (Blood Money). The mode has significant advantages as you start a match using a particular weapon loadout, which makes it easier to level up a certain weapon. Furthermore, you respawn with a chosen weapon loadout as well. Playing Plunder is quite simple – you only need to kill opponents and thus earn weapon XP.

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