Best Tools To Transfer Data Between iPhone & MacBook

Even though iPhone and MacBook belong to Apple and are easy to pair together, there are times when you find it tough to transfer data between these two. In case you don’t agree with this point, try to transfer data between an iPhone and MacBook which don’t share a common iTunes or iCloud accounts. You’ll find it tough to get the job done no matter how you try. So, make sure you search for appropriate tools which can get the job done in an easy and hassle-free manner-


Regardless of how many tools you use, none of them can compete with SyncMate. Given the features that you get, there is no confusion in calling SyncMate, top software to sync iPhone Mac. It makes the data transfer so easy and hassle-free that you don’t face any problem at all. Give it a try and you’ll not have to look for an alternative again in the market.


Another top software to sync iPhone Mac is Syncios. It’s the second best tool on this list and makes the data transfer very easy and hassle-free. From music files to images, videos, notes, contacts, and calendar, there is hardly anything that you cannot transfer using this tool. The moment you use it, you’ll realize how easy it can get to transfer data between MacBook and iPhone.


Another tool on this list is BusyMac. If you’re not someone who prefers to transfer a lot of data daily and are fine with only a limited number of features, then BusyMac is a must-have tool for you. It can help you transfer Contacts and Calendar from iPhone to MacBook in an easy and hassle-free manner.

In the end, all that matters is whether you’re able to use the best available tools in the market or not. There are plenty of them available online, but it’s your job to select the best among them. Since transferring data between iPhone and MacBook is very crucial for you, you cannot afford to take any risk. The tools mentioned here can help you do iPhone transfer easily.