Backdrop Ideas for Your Next Live Stream

Nowadays, people love to live stream for different reasons. Whether it’s for esports or lifestyle content, live streaming is a tool often used to reach an audience in a way that’s more engaging and personal. Businesses also use it to capitalize on their content because there are plenty of commercial benefits and opportunities to monetize.

When a person watches a live stream, the first two things they see are the subject and the background. That’s why it’s important to put thought into your backdrop. With a boring backdrop, your audience could easily discount the quality of your content at first glance. With a backdrop that’s far too busy, viewers might just get distracted and miss out on the valuable information you’re sharing online. Below, we share a couple of great backdrop ideas for your next live stream.

Liven up the stream with some indoor house plants.

An indoor plant really livens up any space, and you could say the same for the internet! If you’re not up to visiting a house plants shop in person, you can easily go online at Lively Root. It’s a site that’s made for plant lovers! You’ll find everything from air plants and succulents to tropical plants and cacti. If you don’t have a green thumb, might we suggest getting yourself a ZZ plant or pothos? These are great indoor house plants for beginners and are nearly impossible to kill. Just prop up your new plant in the background. Your live stream should feel cozier, and your background should look a lot more interesting. Plus, house plants double as home decor!

Use your company logo as a background to keep it feeling corporate.

Nothing says professional like a solid-colored background and your company logo. If you’re live streaming for business purposes, this is a great way to eliminate any unnecessary distractions. And if you’re using a proper live streaming service provider like COLDEA Productions, then this should be a breeze! Whether you’re a small business or a large entity, they’ll set up every aspect of your live stream for you. Companies can host live stream events for staff meetings, sales calls, and even advertising. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that live streaming for businesses opens up the possibility of monetization. When it comes to backgrounds in this sense, the simpler, the better.

Show off your hobby or collection.

Do you collect books or action figures? Are you a master at your craft? Is your Funko POP collection just sitting around on a dusty shelf in your bedroom? Do you have a makeup collection that would be the object of envy for your viewers? You may want to use parts of your collection for your backdrop. But remember to keep it simple. Pick the best parts of your collection. They can be rare, valuable, or just your favorites. Doing this gives new viewers a little glimpse into your personality because it shows what you’re passionate about. You can even make it into a little game that’s interactive with your viewers. And on top of that, you also get to show off what you’ve been collecting over the years.

For anyone that is looking to host live streams for their business or for personal reasons, don’t neglect the importance of having the right backdrop. It should be aesthetically pleasing but not distracting. It should be interesting but not busy. If you want people to enjoy your content, you have to incorporate eye-catching visuals without taking away from you as the subject. Lighting is also one of the most important aspects when it comes to highlighting the backdrop and making sure viewers get the most out of your stream. We hope these backdrop ideas help!