Advantages of Walkie-Talkies For Outdoor Activities

Using Walkie-talkies makes absolute sense for families that like to explore the great outdoors but want to partake in different activities. For instance, some may want to go hiking, others want to go fishing, and the daring of the crew want to kayak. Using Walkie-talkies enables the group to stay in touch, effortlessly.

Why not use a mobile phone instead?

Now, mobile phones can offer the same thing, but when it comes to outdoor activities, the service connection is no guarantee, and this is where the problem lies. Walkie-Talkies are designed to surpass most of the outdoor-related occurrences, they offer long-range connections, many talk channels, and you can even use them for weather forecasting and mapping.

Walkie talkie main advantages

This handheld device is portable and wireless, and it works by the use of radio waves on a single, shared frequency band. Now when you are talking of a large group of explorers, spread across a vast area, walkie talkies are the most efficient & low cost means for communications between the group.

Two-way portable radios are highly robust, ideal for outdoor use. You never know what scenario or weather pattern you are going to stumble across, and mobile phones are not as reliable and can be damaged quite easily.

2 way radios provide basic chat communications using radio frequency over short or even medium distances and are often used for various outdoor activities due to their utmost reliability.

Here are few of them:

  • Mountain climbing
  • Holidays-camping, abroad etc
  • Fishing trips
  • Hunting parties
  • Hikers weekends
  • Skiing trips

Why are they necessary?

As mentioned above, the lack of signal often interrupts mobile phone usage during outdoor activities. This is when the reliable Two-Way Radio can shine. They provide safety and security for those participating in activities and adventures outdoors, knowing that should anything untoward occur, they can contact for help ASAP.

Travellers can connect effortlessly and more cost-effectively, without the need for high roaming costs. Make sure that you check what’s available in the license-free range Two-way radios as these offer the freedom to be used just about anywhere, including Airports, Bus terminals, Hotels, attraction parks, you name it.

What walkie-talkies characteristics to look out for when going for a road trip

  • Range – When you have multiple vehicles travelling together, such as caravanning or a road trip of some sort, they can easily be separated by more than a mile. Maybe one happens to get caught up by a stoplight or road incident which puts them out of range of connection. This then becomes problematic. Therefore, when purchasing two-way radios for this type of trip, it is worth finding a device that offers the longest range possible.
  • Battery size – Look out for the model that offers the longest battery life because although Walkie-talkies tend to offer substantial battery life, when on a trip, it can be a bit difficult to find an available power outlet. You can even obtain device models with car charging capabilities too.