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Advantages Of Automatic Power Switches That You Should Be Aware Of

Automatic power switches by Stanex are wonderful inventions that help in load sharing between any two sources. As simple as it may sound, but the process of load sharing is very important when it comes to offices. And the sectors where automatic transfer switches are of maximum value include the following.

  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • IT companies
  • Commercial buildings
  • Factories
  • Hotels and restaurants

However, before you can learn about their benefits, it’s important that you learn about what they are, what is their purpose, and their types.

4 Types Of Automatic transfer Switches And Their Relevance

Automatic transfer switches are of 4 types. And despite the purpose of all the 4 types is sharing the load between primary and backup generators, the ways in which they do so are completely different.

  1. Open Transition Switch – This automatic transfer switch, when installed between two sources, takes 1/6 of a second to transfer load from the primary generator to the backup generator and vice versa. It leads to a momentary power disruption before restoring it. Needless to say, the load cut is necessary to ensure that the current doesn’t enter the supply line for safety purposes.
  2. Closed Transition Transfer Switch – The cut off time between the two sources connected by a closed transition transfer switch, CTTS, is less than 100 millisecond. It means that despite there is a time difference, it’s so less that the equipments do not experience any shutdown. However, monthly testing of CTTS is a mandatory precaution.
  3. Soft Loading Transfer Switch – Soft loading transfer switch or SLTS keeps the voltage and/or frequency transients to a minimum while ensuring that there is no backfeeding or power disruption during load transfer.
  4. Static Transfer Switch- Static transfer switch or STS uses SCR (Silicon-controlled Rectifiers) semi-conductors to transfer load between the primary and backup generator within 1 quarter cycle of the supply power frequency that’s quick enough to easily control 2 independent load sources as well.

Advantages Of Automatic Power Switches That Are Too Relevant To Be Overlooked

  1. These switches transfer the load to and fro easily without the need to first physically pair the two sources
  2. They are reliable power supply mediums that ensure no power to minimal power lapse for a seamless workflow
  3. ATS increases the lifespan of the generators by ensuring there is no current backfeeding
  4. These transfer switches are easy to install and uninstall and they also reduce the electricity bill to a great extent
  5. You can backup your most important equipments with the help of transfer switches so that they do not experience sudden shutdown at all during a power failure.