8 Tricks For Designing Powerpoint Presentations

The ppt design[desain pptwhich is the term in Indonesia] is the key to communicate your ideas and effectively convey the message to your audience. Believe it or not, achieving the perfect design is simpler than you think, in this article, we will give you 8 infallible tricks so that the design of your PowerPoint presentation is really attractive and generates engagement.

8 Tips For Designing Professional Powerpoint Presentations

The Size

The size of your powerpoint should be set to 16: 9, which is the panoramic view; this will prevent two black stripes from side and side when you project it or open it on a computer.

The Owner

Use a headline per slide that reinforces or conceptualizes an idea. Avoid saturating the slides with Word-style texts.


With colors, you also have to maintain uniformity, use corporate colors if you are representing your company, and if you do not choose two colors that you can combine for titles and graphics.

The Bottom

Use light backgrounds with dark letters and avoid black backgrounds with light letters that are harder to read. Equally clear backgrounds tend to soften and relax the view, especially if you are going to use different graphic resources.

Landscape Images

The images have to be preferably landscape; it is not worth the image to be small and not understood. You can place the headlines above the image using an appropriate color that contrasts with the background. The images of your presentation have to conceptualize the concepts and the information that you want to transmit, nor is it worth a beautiful image if it is not related to the content.

Appointments And Figures

A good way to boost the message is to use resources such as trend figures and statistics or quotes that refer to the idea you are presenting, usually, arouse interest, and are easier to remember.


One of the facilities of designing a PowerPoint presentation is that you can integrate animation effects. They may seem a bit basic, but the truth is that they stimulate the rhythm of the presentation a lot, and you can highlight some important information with the effects.


The resources you can use in the design of PowerPoint presentations are very broad. The video is one of the elements that you can easily integrate, and that is quite attractive as well as being perfect for breaking the monotony.