7 SEO Tweaks to Increase Search Engine Visibility

There are several tweaks and tricks that you can use to increase your visibility on search engines. These tweaks help you to get more traffic, better leads, and in the end, good conversions. If you are hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, then it’s excellent or else you can start with yourself. Here are some of the most useful ones. 


Depending on your location, your line of business, and the kind of audience you are targeting, some keywords would help you boost your visibility. Using long-tailed keywords is always a better option as it helps you get ahead in line with your local search engine. Make your keywords as your titles and keep your customer group in your head. 

Mobile Friendly

There are way more people accessing the web through their mobile phones than using computers or laptops. So, pay attention to making your website mobile-friendly to reach out to people using mobile phones as their main device. Make it accessible and smooth through all mobile devices, including android, windows, and apple. For affordable and quality services you can choose the top SEO services in Delhi, India.

SEO Audit 

This audit helps you create all the bugs, 404 errors, and broken links away. It also stops the webpage from being redirected to other web pages, which helps retain the traffic for as long as possible. It also helps you evaluate your website’s performance and fix any issues that the users might be facing. 


Anyone with SEO needs to create a sitemap. By creating and submitting your site map to search engines, you not only increase your visibility but also helps the search engines to assess the health and quality of the website. In addition, it helps get a good score and analytical rankings in search engines, which are very important for any business for customers to trust them. 

Social Media

Social media is the strongest weapon on the internet right now for any business. To help you with your traffic, to increase visibility using social media as a promotion platform. Optimize your website in such a way that people who are actively using social media and are interested in your website can easily reach you and find out more about your website. 

Use the Right Images

You need to use the right image for your content. People are more attracted to your website by the kind of photos you have on your website rather than the actual text. Make your photos attractive so that people click on them and reach your webpage. 

Relevant Content 

It is very important to stay relevant both in terms of social media and current affairs. Have content on the website that is both relevant and trendy, and you are going to witness some great traffic on your website. Use the right hashtags, captions, and posts to attract as much audience as you can. Try and use different search engines to stay ahead in the game and find the content that is best suited for you. 

Make sure to edit and delete your content when it is irrelevant or does not attract any more traffic and keep replacing it with trendier content. All these will certainly help you in increasing search engine visibility.