5 Incredible Uses for Text Analytics

You might have heard of text analysis or natural language processing a system and a way to analyze the consumer sentiments. Many businesses employ these techniques to analyze customer complaints on social media platforms to address the issue. Text analytics has always proven beneficial for all fields of work mainly. It helps in reading reports, research papers or complaints easily and help them address as soon as possible.

But text analytics is more to what meets the human eye. Here are 5 incredible uses for text analytics platform on

  1. Learning more about the customer opinions with no polls.

Text analytics delivers an immense potential for the concerned parties to learn the needs and wants of the communities without any need for investing in expensive and often inaccurate opinion polls or focus groups. Despite text analytics relies on surveys, opinion pools, and the results from focus groups as well.

  1. Discovering new opportunities for aerospace research

Text analytics always help in examining trends in research, and this is deemed as a famous use of analytics even today! Installing automated analysis of textual sources assist in getting rid of research organizations from reinventing the wheel and makes sure that the new work is built on previous studies. Research is usually a series of progressing steps, and text analysis assists in determining the turns in the staircase, enlightening the researchers of the prospective avenues for new studies.

  1. Reforming unfair lending practices

Text analytics has always been a part of policymaking. For instance, it can be used to publicly analyze the available data of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for the assessment of consumer financial complaints and solicit information regarding trends and areas of concern. The output concludes that text analytics could aid to shield the customers from unfair financial practices. In a particular case, the results even resulted to reform of those practices via legislation.

  1. Saving lives during disaster recovery

Text analytics can also be used to better assessment of recovery needs while and post disasters. This has a huge part in the practical implications for the responsiveness to respond, which also includes possessing the right support available on hand, and making sure that those responsible for planning disaster relief are aware of what is likely to be needed at that moment. There exists also a similar potential for the implementation of text analytics in the field of epidemiology to respond more rapidly to the outbreaks of disease or to shield the food supply from chaotic chemicals.

  1. Prevents human trafficking

Inspecting and noticing the patterns in crime reports on a state and / or country basis can be a daunting task. You can use text analytics to browse through as many international reports about macro issues like human trafficking and filter out the useful data for advocacy groups and overseeing agencies. Clustering common words and locations can easily help in trafficking routes and assist the agencies in creating programs to get rid of these crimes.