4 Common Questions About Solar Energy

In the past, the world was primarily fuelled by fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources that cause harm to the environment. In today’s times, more commercial businesses and homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits of renewable energy and have begun the switch to solar energy services that lowers their bills and decreases their environmental footprint.

With so many companies and people making the change to solar powered energy systems, you may have some questions about solar energy and what it can be used to achieve. Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about solar power, its benefits, and its uses.

Can A Business Be Powered by Solar Energy?

Solar panels use UV light from the sun to create electricity that can be used to power homes and businesses around Australia. The world is constantly receiving light from the sun each day, which makes solar power a reliable source of energy. With this constant outpouring of energy, your business and home can be powered using reliable solar energy.

Do Panels Ever Stop Generating Electricity?

There is a common misconception that solar panels don’t generate electricity when it’s cloudy, raining, or snowing outside. Even in bad weather your system can still collect energy from the sun’s UV rays, though your output won’t be as high as it would in direct sunlight. The only time your panels won’t generate electricity is when the sun isn’t shining – during eclipses and at night.

What Exactly Is Net Metering?

Each home or business has an electric meter on the property that measures how much electricity has been used each month. When using solar energy services, your meter will show how much power you have consumed as well as how much power your panels have generated. Since you likely won’t use all the electricity you’ve gathered, it is sold back to the grid and supplied the utility company with your excess power.

Your utility company pays for the excess energy they receive from your panels, which often means getting credits towards your electricity bill that significantly lower or even eliminate your monthly bill. Net metering is a great way to keep your bills low and even earn some money.

Will Solar Energy Help My Budget?

On average, you can reduce your electricity bill by 50% or more when switching to solar panels. Not only will your bills be lower, but you will be more in control of your bill and your budget. Without solar panels, you pay what your utility company charges you each month. The price of electricity fluctuates, with a trend towards higher prices being observed.

Solar panels mean you won’t have to rely on your utility company as much and can generate your own electricity, keeping you from paying high prices for electricity and allowing you to earn some of your money back through net metering. Since you won’t be surprised by your bill anymore, you can budget more accordingly.

With solar panels, you can be more in control of your home or business’ expenses and won’t have to rely on your city’s utility company to provide the energy needed to power your home or office.