3 Tips That Will Make You A Metadata Management Maverick

The role of a database administrator is three faceted:

  1. The administrator has to maintain the production database
  2. The administrator has to develop new database as and when needed by the company
  3. The administrator has to manage the data and metadata of the company effectively

The complexities in this role often outnumber the ones in other roles. Moreover, since you are working with a critical asset of the company, you do not have the luxury to make mistakes. The margin of error is close to none for database administrators.

So how do you beat the stress and complexity to become a metadata management ninja? Here are 5 tips that have helped the other database management experts.

Follow a Naming Convention

Most experts agree that their work becomes simpler when they follow a naming convention pattern for all files that they store. This naming convention can be developed internally by the company or by your department. But following that will make things easy for you.

Use Templates

Most experts create a specific template to collect extensive amount of data from different departments of the company. You can share this template with different departments who can assign one person to populate this template every month or fortnight and give back to you. This will make it easy for you to collect metadata. It will also be easy for your tool to purge the data into the database from a fixed template.

Manage Security Setting Better

A lot of times companies are worried about data being forged or wrongfully changed by different people. In this case you can assign security settings that would let you control who has access to the metadata and who is allowed to edit. You can also control who is able to access and edit what type of metadata.