iPhone 8 Is Slightly Upgraded And More Expensive Than The iPhone 7

Published On September 28, 2017 | By Lisa Patterson | Technology

The iPhone 8 was launched just a few days ago and it has already been creating a buzz among mobile users and critics. Why? Because it should be properly called an iPhone 7S rather than an iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 carries the newest operating system from Apple, the iOS 11. This version of the iOS fills the iPhone with new features such as the Files application and the ARkit support. Let us take a look at the other features of this slightly improved phone below.

A Similar Form Factor

The iPhone 8 looks almost exactly the same as the iPhone 7. Apple revealed that some changes have indeed been made in the newer iPhone like a steel substructure that goes with the 7000 series aluminum band which will add extra frame reinforcement to protect it from not too impactful drops. Hopefully this will result is a reduced need to get your iPhone repaired because of a minor drop.

However, these changes cannot be easily spotted at first glance. The most noticeable change is actually the glass back in the iPhone 8. Color options have also changed for this model with Apple limiting it to three, Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. But do not immediately dismiss these colors as boring. Apple has made the finish on the iPhone 8 smoother using a six-layer ink process so the shades of this iPhone is different from its predecessors.

The new colors are now complimented by a matching aluminum band along the sides. Lastly, Apple did not bring jack back for this model but the physical Home button is still present in the iPhone 8.

Better Screen

The iPhone 8, like its predecessor, still has that 4.7-inch Retina HD display with only a sub FHD resolution. But, this model now has the True Tone Technology which means that it can adjust the white balance of the screen to match the light in the surroundings.

The screen resolution of the iPhone 8 also boasts wider color range and dual-domain pixels for that better viewing experience.

An Improved Camera

The camera of the iPhone 8 has been improved yes, but it is not revolutionary. This model still has the 12MP camera but with a speedier processor that helps the camera give 0 shutter lag and perform better in low-light exposures.

A new color filter has also been added as well as an Optical Image Stabilisation. The iPhone 8, together with iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, have been marketed as a phone capable for AR. Hence, its camera was also given more powerful tracking capabilities.

The video aspect of its camera has also been improved with the better quality of the slo-mo mode at 1080p@240fps compared to the 120fps of the iPhone 7.

Better Performance from A Powerful Processors

The iPhone 8 boasts having the A11 Bionic chipset which is considered so far the most powerful chipset designed by Apple. This processor is specifically designed to provide great AR experience and to support facial recognition of the new iPhones.

Power hungry games and applications will find its match with this chipset since it is designed to control the phone’s performance by allowing these applications to function well without eating up all the battery power.

Finally, Wireless Charging Is Now Possible

Of course, this iPhone 8 overview is not complete without mentioning its wireless charging capability. The reason why the glass back is on the iPhone 8 is actually to provide support for wireless charging.

This new model is compatible with Qi wireless chargers, however, fully charging the phone is a slow process. Apple is said to release its own version of a wireless charger next year so some are hoping that this will solve the speed issue.

iPhone 8 Has Potential

Despite the little upgrades here and there, iPhone 8 can potentially be a good phone for users who cannot still let go of the conventional form of the iPhones. This phone clearly strives to be an all-around phone than a super smartphone but still, it can bring something to the table.

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